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Catherine Zeta-Jones Lawyers Up
Over Atkins Diet Rumors

New York Lawyer
November 18, 2003

By Gail Diane Cox
The National Law Journal

Here's proof they don't make Hollywood rumors like they used to.

Century City Entertainment lawyer John H. Lavely Jr.óJay to those he's not threateningówants to be notified if some little creep knocks three times and whispers that Catherine Zeta-Jones was seen passing up strawberries for a second helping of pork cracklings.

In a Nov. 7 letter to General Counsel Douglas J. Jacobs of Court TV, Lavely gives his phone number and asks Jacobs to tell him if he knows who's the rumormonger behind news reports that Lavely's client Zeta-Jones lost weight by following the anti-carb Atkins diet.

Zeta-Jones never went on that diet, Lavely said, and because the high-fat regimen has long been "derided" by nutritionists as dangerous, reprinting the calumny damages her reputation. As in damages. The rumor incorrectly makes her sound like someone more interested in external beauty than in healthful practices, Lavely said, and besides it could undermine her ability to sign endorsements for health products.

According to The Smoking Gun, which posted the letter on the Internet, identical warnings went to many media outlets internationally.

(Full disclosure: Lavely & Singer's other name partner, Martin Singer, sent a similar saber-rattler to The National Law Journal in 1996 on a story about client Jean-Claude Van Damme. It was juicier than a purported diet.)

Link to: The story and more from The National Law Journal's "Voir Dire" column
This link leads to another web site. If that site has moved or removed the story, you will be unable to access it.


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