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10:22am PT

Friday December 5, 2003
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Catherine Zeta-Jones To Be Bond Girl?
November 30, 2003

Gorgeous Catherine Zeta-Jones is reconsidering an offer to become the next James Bond girl, thanks to some sage advice from former 007 star Sir Sean Connery.

The Welsh wife of Michael Douglas recently denied claims she had inked a deal to play the female lead opposite Bond hunk Pierce Brosnan, but after she sought the advice of Connery - who she starred with in thriller Entrapment - she reportedly changed her mind.
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A movie source says, "Catherine is seriously considering whether this would be a good move for her but she won't say yes unless the script is dead right.

"She's spoken to Sean about it and he's told her to go for it but only if she isn't just going to be another notch on the Bond bedpost.

"Catherine wants to sing the theme and play a strong character who's an equal to 007 and not a bitchy villain - maybe even a kind of female Bond."

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