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Bond 21 - 01-12-03
Yet another Catherine Zeta Jones rumour - this time Connery is linked with her Bond girl desires...

Every time another Brosnan Bond film is in the pipeline, the media seem to recycle stories about Catherine Zeta Jones - either playing the Bond girl or taking over as a "female Bond".

This time her publicity is running through British newspapers, even some respectable ones, and of course movie news websites.

The latest story surrounds her supposed u-turn on her desire to become a Bond girl after Sean Connery is alleged to have given her a pep-talk.

She reportedly sought the advice of her "Entrapment" co-star Sir Sean Connery, and now wants to sing the theme and be a Bond girl.

An anonymous (they always are) movie source has been quoted in the press as saying: "Catherine is seriously considering whether this would be a good move for her but she won't say yes unless the script is dead right. She's spoken to Sean about it and he's told her to go for it but only if she isn't just going to be another notch on the Bond bedpost. Catherine wants to sing the theme and play a strong character who's an equal to 007 and not a bitchy villain - maybe even a kind of female Bond."

Just what Bond fans are after - another "female Bond".

Presently, not even a draft script for Bond 21 has been completed. Shooting is expected to start in January 2005 with Pierce Brosnan playing 007 for the fifth time.

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