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December 2, 2003
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Zeta Jones Bond-ing
By Toby Forage
December 01, 2003

WILL she or won’t she? That's the question around Hollywood as Catherine Zeta Jones mulls over the possibility of playing the female lead in the next James Bond flick.

Catherine Zeta Jones
Zeta Jones has all the right attributes to be the next Bond girl.
According to the 34-year-old's staff, the story that first surfaced in UK gossip magazine New! is pure fantasy, one spokesman branding it as "totally false".

But other sources in Hollywood claim that after a chat with Entrapment co-star and former 007, Sean Connery, the Welsh actress might be convinced to play the female lead alongside current Bond and fellow Celt Pierce Brosnan.

"Catherine is seriously considering whether this would be a good move for her but she won't say yes unless the script is dead right," claimed one source quoted by Teen

"She's spoken to Sean about it and he's told her to go for it but only if she isn't just going to be another notch on the Bond bedpost."

That bedpost has some impressive carvings already, including the recent addition of Oscar-winner Halle Berry, who starred alongside Irishman Brosnan in Die Another Day.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon star Michelle Yeoh is also there, with Mrs Charlie Sheen Denise Richards and sexy French thespian Sophie Marceau taking up more space.

In the past, "Oh James" has also passed the lips of Kim Basinger, Diana Rigg and Ursula Andress, whose unforgettable stroll from the surf in 1962's Dr No as Honey Rider was recently voted the sexiest moment in screen history by Channel Four viewers in the UK.

It's more likely to be "no James" for Zeta Jones, though, who is currently busy mothering children for the her husband, Michael Douglas, who was formerly "afflicted" with a romping reputation the equal of Agent Bond.

While Bond will remain arguably MI5's most sexually active secret agent, Zeta Jones seems more ready to give him a run for his money in other physical departments if she does decide to take on any role.

"Catherine wants to play a strong character who's an equal to 007 and not a bitchy villain - maybe even a kind of female Bond," Teen Hollywood's movie source added.

Other unconfirmed reports suggest Zeta Jones is also being lined up to sing the theme tune for the new movie.

Her musical ability received the highest acclaim when she won the best supporting actress Oscar this year for her role as murderous showgirl Velma Kelly in Chicago.

Madonna was the last songbird to carry a Bond tune, singing the theme for Die Another Day. Duran Duran - touring Australia with Robbie Williams this month - has also dabbled when the 80s pop icons put together A View To A Kill in 1985.


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