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Posted on Mon, Dec. 01, 2003 story:PUB_DESC
Bond movie rumors shot down by Zeta-Jones, Owen

Catherine Zeta-Jones' rep has denied the Oscar winner will be the next Bond girl, reports


The British magazine New! had claimed studio bosses were courting Michael Douglas' wife for the lead female role in the next 007 action film, and she was particularly excited at the prospect of singing the movie's theme song.

But a spokesperson for the "Chicago" actress has slammed the reports as "totally false."

Meanwhile, Clive Owen has blasted media stories he will replace Pierce Brosnan as James Bond. The 39-year-old British actor says he ignores false stories because they take up too much of his energy.

"That's what they are -- rumors. I deal in facts. I had a phone call from the States two weeks ago saying, 'So you've signed to do two Bond movies. Congratulations.' It's all rumor. It's nothing to do with me."

JUSTIN TIME FOR THE MOVIES? Don't look now (we certainly aren't), but Justin Timberlake could be Hollywood's next big movie star.

Riding high on a solo music career, the 'N Sync singer is getting scripts sent his way, reports USA Today. Offers started arriving after Timberlake hosted NBC's "Saturday Night Live" on Oct. 11. Cameron Diaz's boyfriend's comic timing and parodies of Jessica Simpson and Ashton Kutcher apparently have caught Hollywood's eye.

Timberlake, 22, could be choosing a movie role as early as January, says a spokeswoman for the star. He's ready to make the move to movies "if the right project comes along."

We have one word for you, Justin: "Glitter."

NEW KIND OF STAGE FOR MORISSETTE: Add singer Alanis Morissette's name to an already impressive list of celebrities in the rotating cast of "The Exonerated," which examines the lives of six people freed from death row after their convictions were overturned.

The critically acclaimed play has featured a bevy of big names in the New York run, including Peter Gallagher, Marcia Gay Harden and Bebe Neuwirth, as well as Lynn Redgrave and Avery Brooks. (A San Francisco run of the show, also with rotating big names, is under way as well.)

Morissette's one-week stint in New York begins Tuesday.

HIDE YOUR DAUGHTERS, STASH YOUR LIQUOR: On the off chance that none of these guys is in jail at the time, the lads in Mötley Crüe plan to reunite for a tour next year that would coincide with the movie "The Dirt," based on the band's '01 autobiography. Bassist Nikki Sixx says he's psyched about a reunion on the Web site "I speak to Tommy (Lee), Mick (Mars) and Vince (Neil) quite often, but I know Vince has some resentments that need to be ironed out. ... But if everybody wants to do a Crue tour, I'm there."

Meanwhile, Neil will stand trial for misdemeanor battery in April in Dayton, Nev., for allegedly grabbing a prostitute by the neck and throwing her against the wall at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch brothel on July 10. The singer, who posted $1,000 bail, is scheduled to enter a plea before trial. Neil's attorney said the prostitute is an opportunist who wants to cash in on Neil's celebrity (such as it is).

CAINE CLEANS UP BAT CAVE: Michael Caine will play Alfred the butler opposite Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne in the next "Batman" movie. The Christopher Nolan-helmed flick will hit theaters in 2005.

SHE HAD A SIMPLY RETCHED TIME: Jennifer Love Hewitt visited the White House last month, but she doesn't think she'll get invited back.

The "Party of Five" star was a guest at the ceremony to lay a wreath on the grave of the Unknown Soldier but, she told a talk show host, she was suffering from a urinary infection. She decided to double the dosage and ended up vomiting while talking to a high-ranking military man. Then, if that wasn't enough, a bee stung her on the neck and she was yelping during the playing of "Hail to the Chief." Egad.

ESSENTIAL SPANISH PHRASES, ACCORDING TO POSH: David Beckham's pop star wife Victoria says she is settling down in Spain and learning the local language after her husband's transfer to Spanish champions Real Madrid.

"I can say 'Donde Gucci?' That means, 'Where is Gucci,'" she told interviewer Michael Parkinson in a BBC interview on Saturday.

"I can say: 'Do you have a Bentley?' All the things you need to know. I'm getting there," she joked.

Today's People Column was compiled by Deirdre McGruder from staff, Associated Press and Knight Ridder wire reports. Comments? Write to us c/o the Times, P.O. Box 8099, Walnut Creek, CA 94596-8099. Or call 925-943-8262, fax 925-943-8265, or e-mail

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