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Catherine Zeta-Jones is reconsidering taking a part in the next James Bond film after initially refusing the offer.

According to reports, Zeta-Jones took a little advice from the original 007 star Sir Sean Connery.

Well, he is the same age as her husband.

"Catherine is seriously considering whether this would be a good move for her but she won't say yes unless the script is dead right," reports Teen Hollywood.

"She's spoken to Sean about it and he's told her to go for it but only if she isn't just going to be another notch on the Bond bedpost."

But the Welsh lovely doesn't just want equal billing alongside Pierce Brosnan:

"Catherine wants to sing the theme and play a strong character who's an equal to 007 and not a bitchy villain - maybe even a kind of female Bond."

Oh dear. Trying to outdo Shirley Bassey now, are we?

She'd better not give up her nursing the elderly day job.

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