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One for the books
Catherine Zeta-Jones has to rough it up in Mirabel. Spielberg's orders.

Who's Westmount Library's goodfella benefactor? Why, it's Martin Scorsese: We all know the famed director of Taxi Driver and Raging Bull was renting digs in Westmount this summer while filming The Aviator. We also knew, but didn't say, that he was sending his 4-year-old daughter to swim at the Westmount pool and to attend story time at the Westmount Library.

(I saw the pretty, dark haired girl at both spots myself but it's never a good idea to publish the exact whereabouts of kids of the rich and famous).

When Scorsese and his family went back to New York at the end of September, he didn't forget those who had taken care of his child.

He sent his assistant over to the Westmount Library with a personal thank you note - and a nice cash donation.

"The assistant came in here, handed it to me and went on and on how the Scorsese family appreciated what we had done for his daughter," said librarian Odette Nadeau.

The library staff wasn't sure how to spend the money, but Wendy Wayling, the head of the children's section, said they're making the decision this week.

Wayling said they'll probably use the money to commission a painting for the children's section.

"The Scorseses loved our story-telling time and love the drawings their little girl did while she was here. She's quite the artist. We talked to them about commissioning a painting for the room and they really like the idea."

Wayling said the staff was impressed that the busy director took time to acknowledge them. "The thank you note was great in itself and then to get the donation, it made us all feel fantastic."

With 8,000 new members this year and continual budget cuts, it's a thank-you the overworked library staff richly deserves.

Amen for Stephen Baldwin: Back in April, I wrote about some ghastly behavior the actor exhibited at a restaurant in Old Montreal (witnesses said he tried to pick up a waitress and then started a fight with her boyfriend). It seems, however, that Baldwin is a changed man.

On the set of Snake King in Brazil (Montreal actors Jane Heitmeyer and Larry Day are co-starring), Baldwin has his wife of a dozen years and their two children by his side, is being extremely agreeable, hardworking - and saying prayers before every meal.

"He's become a born-again Christian or something," said a relieved source on the set. "Hey, whatever works..."

The Terminal stars staying near Mirabel Airport: Catherine Zeta-Jones and Tom Hanks arrived this week for a two week shoot at our far away, second- string airport. Sources say director Stephen Spielberg has them working day and night and, wanting to cut down on travel time, insisted they stay at hotels near the shoot. This information is for downtown nightcrawlers who, unfortunately, probably won't be seeing the famous crew strolling on St. Laurent.

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