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How it will happen

December 2003: T-Mobile announces plans for an inbound customer service center in Meridian, which will employ more than 600.

Winter 2003-04: Construction will begin.

Spring 2004: Company will hire and train 100 to 150 customer service representatives.

Summer 2004: Customer service center will open and begin taking calls.

December 2005: T-Mobile will complete hiring process for full staffing.

All about T-Mobile

• T-Mobile International AG & Co. K.G., a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, is based in Bellevue, Wash.

• The company offers digital voice, messaging and high-speed wireless data services to about 12 million U.S. customers.

• T-Mobile has 22,000 employees nationwide.

• In 2002, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones signed on as T-Mobile´s global spokeswoman.

• Although considered the smallest of the U.S. wireless carriers, analysts at Lehman Brothers predict T-Mobile will add as many as 1 million new customers in the fourth quarter of 2003.

• Deutsche Telekom common stock closed Tuesday at $17.37 per share, down 2 cents. The 52-week high was $17.55; the 52-week low was $9.95.

T-Mobile in Oregon

T-Mobile is scheduled to open a similar center Feb. 2 in Redmond, Ore., which the company chose after considering the Boise area.

Eric Sande, executive director of the Redmond Chamber of Commerce, said the call center is a tremendous boon to the community of about 17,500 people in Central Oregon, about 15 miles north of Bend.

At full capacity, the Redmond facility will employ 700 people, with a majority from the local community. Pay will average between $10 and $13 per hour.

“That´s a decent wage with benefits,” Sande said. “It is considered a family-wage job.”

T-Mobile already employs about 800 people at a call center in Salem, Ore.

Edition Date: 12-17-2003


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