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Zeta Jones & Kidman Head the Best-Tressed List, Trump & Jacko Are Worst, Says Nationally Known Stylist Michael Christopher

WILMINGTON, Del.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 29, 2003--Catherine Zeta-Jones and Nicole Kidman head up the 'Best-Tressed List' in 2003, according to nationally known stylist Michael Christopher Hemphill, principal of Michael Christopher Designs in Wilmington, DE.

Worst-Tressed List was headed by New York City zillionaire developer Donald Trump and entertainer Michael Jackson.

"Magnate 'The Donald' certainly was not a magnate magnet when it came to his appearance," said Hemphill. "How many 'S's are in surreal? That's the question his hairstyle inspires!

"Whether Michael Jackson belongs in Court is something that a jury will likely decide in 2004, but his hairstylist would be found guilty in any Court in the country, right alongside his plastic surgeon," added Hemphill.

Other notables whose hair earned Hemphill's enmity included Kelly Osbourne ("she did not get her mother's genes"), Lisa Marie Presley ("Elvis, can you help?"), Brad Pitt ("just cut it, like they do in the editing room"), and Delaware Governor Ruth Ann Minner ("the ban in Delaware is on smoking, not on attention to your hair!").

However, Hemphill was lavish in his praise for several emerging stars and their attention to their tresses.

"Catherine Zeta Jones always knows when enough is enough," said Hemphill of the child bride actress of Michael Douglas. "Similarly, Nicole Kidman is truly a queen of style!

"As far JLo Jennifer Lopez, her 2003 movie Gigli may have flopped, but her hair style certainly 'has it all' going on!

"And, as long as we're talking about such delightful stars whose escapades made the news in 2003, to be complimented for their attention-grabbing hair as well as antics are Paris Hilton, 'society's baby doll,' Brittney Spears, 'who spears it with style,' and American Idol Clay Aiken - 'well, talk about a makeover!'

"Gwyneth Paltrow showed she's a princess with grace, Pink punks it her way, and who needs hair when you're Ashton Kutcher?"

Hemphill for nearly 20 years annually releases his own ranking of the year's notable personalities whose hairstyles should rate them acclaim or shame. He will appear January 10 at 11 a.m. (Eastern) as a guest personality on QVC shopping channel.

Hemphill won the 1997 Hairstylist of the Year Award and Salon of the Year Award. Currently he is in the running to receive the prestigious Salon Entrepreneur of the Year(TM) Global Salon Business Award.

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