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Tue 30 Dec 2003
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Quotes of the year


We seek peace. We strive for peace. And sometimes peace must be defended. A future lived at the mercy of terrible threats is no peace at all.

President George Bush

I am quite sure that he [Saddam Hussein] has these weapons. The people and the documents exist to show that. If what they [the inspectors] find amounts to a breach of the UN mandate, then Saddam will be disarmed by force.

Tony Blair on Saddam Hussein and weapons of mass destruction

Such weapons do not come in small pills that you can hide in your pocket. These are weapons of mass destruction and it is easy to work out if Iraq has them or not.

Saddam Hussein in a TV interview with Tony Benn

This is not about money. It’s absolutely not about money. It’s about control.

Catherine Zeta-Jones during the Hello! court case

It was one of those freak acts of nature that happens and it’s over. It was a freak act. It will never happen again.

Sir Alex Ferguson on kicking a football boot at David Beckham

I cannot accept a war without international agreement or domestic support.

Robin Cook’s resignation speech in the Commons

Perhaps they all stood outside the elevator at the same time and someone sneezed or coughed.

Dr Margaret Chanof Hong Kong’s health department on the SARS virus

The detailed outcome is clearly to some extent a protest against the pace of reform and the pace of delivery. Low turnout, protest votes and votes for minor parties send a signal to all politicians that the people of Scotland are impatient for change.

Jack McConnell on the May elections

This inquiry has to get to the bottom of what advice was given to whom and what political decisions were made that led to this farce. No one should be exempt from this enquiry.

SNP leader John Swinney on the spiralling costs of the Scottish parliament building

What is completely and totally and 100 per cent untrue is that - and this is the BBC claim - that I in any way over-rode that judgement, sought to exaggerate that intelligence, sought to use it in any way that the intelligence agencies weren’t 100 per cent content with.

Alistair Campbell on BBC allegations the government "sexed up" a dossier on Iraq’s weapon capabilities

I am an innocent man. I have maintained my innocence throughout, and today it is justified. We have been taken to hell and back.

John Leslie after being cleared of two counts of sexual assault

Due to the excessive media attention surrounding our wedding, we have decided to postpone the date. When we found ourselves seriously contemplating hiring three separate "decoy brides" at three different locations, we realised that something was awry.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

I’ve learned how important it is to have a sense of humour and laugh at everything, because nothing makes sense any more.

David Blaine after 44 days suspended in a Perspex box

Although I will not be the Prime Minister of the first Conservative government of the 21st century, I believe I have provided its political agenda.

Ian Duncan-Smith’s resignation speech

There are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns.

US Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld

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