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Claws out for Nicole
February 11, 2004

NICOLE Kidman has been saddled with the blame for Catherine Zeta-Jones' failing to land some plum parts.

Kidman and Zeta
Nicole Kidman, left, is the target of Catherine Zeta-Jones malaise.
The New York Post has reported that Zeta-Jones dumped her longtime agent George Freeman, of William Morris, for Creative Artists Agency's Bryan Lourd on the advice of her husband, Michael Douglas.

He allegedly told her it was the only way she could win another Oscar.

The move stunned Hollywood, as Freeman had represented Zeta-Jones for 10 years and was her "very best friend", a Hollywood insider told the New York Post.

"They went on vacations together. He made her," the insider said.

"It's shocking," said another source. "George took this little-known British actress that no one cared about and made her into an Oscar winner.

"He just got her $US10 million ($13.06 million) for Zorro II.

"A lot of this was Michael's doing. He pecked away at Catherine, saying, 'Why didn't you get this part? Why didn't you get that part?'."

And this is where Kidman comes in. It seems part of the problem is that Zeta-Jones is jealous of Kidman's career.

"Nicole gets first look at every script," the source said. "Catherine doesn't. Nicole and Catherine had very similar careers until Nicole's divorce from Tom Cruise.

"Then audiences found her sympathetic. No one finds Catherine a very sympathetic character, or as likable."

But a friend of Zeta-Jones' told the paper it was a business decision.

"Listen, George is a nice guy, but after she won her Oscar for Chicago, he didn't get her any work," they said.

The Daily Telegraph

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Get News by Email Print This Article Email This Article


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