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Zeta falls out with next door

Feb 15 2004

Jon Harry, Wales on Sunday


HOLLYWOOD superstar Catherine Zeta Jones has fallen out with her new Welsh neighbours in a privacy row - before she has even moved in!

Catherine and her film star husband, Michael Douglas, fear their security is being threatened by their next door neighbour.

The couple are having an exclusive 1m home built in Catherine's home city of Swansea.

But neighbour Steve Gwynn has applied for planning permission to run his communications business from his home - just yards from their front door.

Catherine, 33, and Michael, 58, have lodged an objection with the local council saying it will cause a security risk for them and children Dylan and Carys.

Their letter to Swansea planners says they wish to register their objections "in the strongest possible terms".

The couple are also concerned their lives will be disrupted by people visiting Mr Gwynn's business premises.

Their solicitor, James Tonner Jones, said: "Our clients purchased the plot and agreed to the construction of a substantial dwelling on the clear understanding that it would be private, prestigious and exclusive and extremely safe and secure as it was a 'gated' development.

"Our clients would also be extremely concerned and alarmed that the privacy and security of the development would be jeopardised by virtue of the visits to site by members of staff, customers and delivery vehicles of Mr Gwynn."

But Mr Gwynn has hit back, saying celebrity-spotting groups will cause far more disruption than a handful of business deliveries each week.

Now councillors are being asked to settle the feud which has split residents of the exclusive Silverhurst development in Plunch Lane, Mumbles, Swansea.

Catherine's parents Dai and Pat Jones will live at the four-bedroomed house - but the Swansea-born star plans to use it as a base so Dylan, three, and 10-month-old Carys, can have a Welsh upbringing.

The couple have spent tens of thousands of pounds installing security at the house which stands in more than an acre of grounds.

Mr Gwynn is the developer behind Silverhurst and plans to move into the biggest of the three houses on the site.

For the past 17 months he has been running his company Carreras Communications from an outbuilding known as The Barn.

But he now wants to run the company from the site on a permanent basis.

In a letter to planners, Mr Gwynn says: "Seven groups of celeb-spotters are on average being removed from the site every day.

"It is not unusual to have a minibus pull up at the site entrance.

"Many of these visitors have travelled some considerable distance, including mainland Europe.

"In the summer months the volume of visitors increases considerably.

"This coupled with the noise generated by the helicopters that also fly over the site at low level taking photographs lead us to suggest that there will be some considerable disruption to the neighbourhood.

"This disruption can only increase once the owner takes up residence.

"The odd delivery vehicle attending our office would in comparison pale into insignificance."

Six other residents have also objected to Mr Gwynn's plans.


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