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The old TV adage applies to wifes too, now that octogenarian ‘ironed’ Mike Douglas has stated he wants to work with his attractive and considerably younger wife, Catherine Zeta Jones.

The aged star wants to keep up with the Jones’ leading men - Clooney, Pitt et al – after he starred alongside his shapely and healthy young wife in Traffic during 2000.

And even if it bombs and nobody wants to see a tired old actor alongside a sprightly filly, Dougie-baby says he doesn’t care: "The general consensus from the studios is that couples in films are not that interesting.”

Too right - J’Lo and Affleck, Madonna and Sean Penn, to name a few.

“So we'll try to find a picture that we'll do some time in the future, simply for the enjoyment of working together."

And what joy, as they probably head for Splitsville like our aforementioned couples.

And jumping on the bandwagon of his attractive young wife’s recent success, the decrepit Douglas reckons a musical might be the way to work together: "It would certainly be an exciting project and I know musical comedy is one of Catherine's loves."

Her other loves are her darling old husband and her beautiful silk-like youthful complexion.

Jonsey won an Oscar for her role in Chicago.

And did we mention she is much younger than her husband?

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