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Uma kills Quentin's crush

Anthony Carr & Tony Brenna, Special to the Free Press   2004-05-23 01:55:39  

Frost laying down demands to Law

British actor Sadie Frost is making Cold Mountain heartthrob Jude Law sweat with her weighty divorce demands. They include a staggering $7 million US in cash, the $6-million house they shared during their marriage, plus $25,000 a month in living expenses.

Sadie, now romancing a young Spanish flamenco guitarist, says she was the one who brought in the money during the lean years of their marriage and now he must pay up for their three children -- nannies as well as private school tuition. As an extra part of the package, she also wants a London flat they own. Jude, now dating his Alfie co-star Sienna Miller, says Sadie's demands are excessive.

PREDICTION: There'll be a big dust-up between Jude and Sadie's musician boyfriend -- whom he'll brand a bad influence on his kids.

Roberts, Zeta Jones in Oceans spat

Julia Roberts isn't pleased about Welsh beauty Catherine Zeta Jones having a role in the new Oceans Twelve movie after she reportedly tried to have her dropped from the cast. The two beauties are at daggers drawn, with superstar Julia resenting Catherine invading her exclusive territory. When they made 2001's Oceans 11, Julia basked in the admiration of co-stars George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon. After filming, she was queen of her own superstar boys club, them all partying together. With Catherine at her heels as Hollywood's potential new movie monarch, Julia felt threatened -- giving her the cold shoulder off camera.

PREDICTION: A cat fight ensues halfway through this movie, with Julia walking out. But she's talked back into her role by Brad Pitt.

Crowe using live cigarette holder

Russell Crowe is reported to be using a cigarette holder on the Canadian set of The Cinderella Man --- a human one. The bloke's job is to be on hand at all times to light the actor's cigarettes, put them between his lips, let him take a drag then remove them. To be fair, Russell is wearing boxing gloves to play a fighter and it makes puffing difficult. But he's said to have gotten so used to his aide that he uses him when the gloves are off. Apparently, the actor nods when he wants the cig removed and nods when it's time to put it back.

PREDICTION: Russell goes into a deep depression when The Cinderella Man bombs at the box office.

Diaz calls in makeup pros for acne

Cameron Diaz sent an SOS after bursting out in zits before the Cannes premiere of Shrek 2. She hired two makeup artists to prevent her looking like one of the ogres in the movie. Meanwhile, her boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, was annoyed that Cameron got falling-down tipsy and was all over director Terry Gilliam in the bar of a posh hotel. Earlier Cameron and Justin upset the French by saying they disliked the food "and we're searching for a good cheeseburger."

PREDICTION: They get into a big fight when Cameron refuses to allow Justin to move in with her in a "trial marriage."

Williams disillusioned by celebrity

After romancing Rachel Hunter and other beauties, singing idol Robbie Williams says he's desperately lonely, unimpressed by fame and wealth and never been in love. He's returned to Britain after a year in Los Angeles. A friend reveals: "It's a tragedy, there's virtually no happiness in Robbie's life."

PREDICTION: Robbie hits the bottle again after three dry years. I see a suicidal threat here.

Lopez, Paltrow set for Oscar battle

Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow are going head-to-head in an Oscar nomination battle. Miramax studios have told the pair -- who dislike each other -- their new films will be released at the same time next January. J.Lo stars opposite Robert Redford in An Unfinished Life, while Gwyn is in Proof with Anthony Hopkins. Both actors have dated Ben Affleck -- with Gwyn later sneering: "J.Lo and Ben are well suited, they're both low-class."

PREDICTION: Neither actor gets the Oscar nomination.

Lusty lineup following newly single Uma

Geeky Kill Bill director Quentin Tarantino --shown cuddling with Uma Thurman at Cannes this week -- remains enamoured with his leading lady, but she politely deflected his attempts at starting a romance while they were at the film festival, so he's dating writer-director Sophia Coppola. Meanwhile in New York, her former husband, Ethan Hawke is still ruing the day he cheated on Uma, losing her and their two kids. He's tried to win her back, but she won't give him a second chance. Uma's currently dating New York hotelier Andre Balazs.

PREDICTION: Sophia's jealousy over Quentin's continued crush on Uma stops their relationship from blossoming.

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