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Posted 6/10/2004 8:30 PM
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Celebs check in at 'The Terminal'
LOS ANGELES — Wednesday night outside the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Theatre, the white zone was for the immediate unloading of celebrities.

Ray Romano, Christina Applegate, Martin Short, Nia Vardalos and Ryan Seacrest were among the stars stepping out of limos, clutching their boarding passes to the premiere of Steven Spielberg's airport love story, The Terminal. It lands in theaters June 18.

Looking as though they were about to catch a flight themselves, Spielberg and wife Kate Capshaw were first to arrive, wearing his-and-hers blue jeans. When their casual attire was pointed out, the Spielbergs examined each other's outfits and were delighted to discover they'd both dressed in the Lakers' purple and yellow.

"Kate picked all my clothes this morning," said hoops fan Spielberg, with a striped shirt over a yellow T. "It might be support for the Lakers, especially after Kobe's brilliant 3-point save in Game 2."

Tom Hanks stars in the film as Viktor Navorski, an unlucky immigrant who finds himself eternally stranded at JFK airport. Hanks said he has something much better than a necktie picked out for his Father's Day gift. "I hope my wife buys me a plane," he said. "Nah, I'm joking. All I want is a good picture of the kids in a picture frame and breakfast in bed."

Catherine Zeta-Jones plays a flighty flight attendant who falls for Hanks. Although Father's Day isn't until June 20, the actress already gave husband Michael Douglas his gift.

"The date is different in the U.K.," explained Zeta-Jones, dressed in black Roberto Cavalli with a Neil Lane diamond necklace. "I was terrified that I'd forgotten Father's Day, so I got my husband some flowers before realizing Father's Day hadn't actually happened in the U.S."

Douglas chose to remain grounded at the couple's hacienda in Spain (staying mainly off a plane). This past Mother's Day, he surprised his wife with tulips while she was in Amsterdam filming Ocean's 12.

Zeta-Jones has yet to shoot any Ocean's 12 scenes with mommy-to-be Julia Roberts. But she said, "I'm so happy for her that she's having babies."

While their husbands gave interviews, Capshaw and Hanks' wife, Rita Wilson, got silly with their cameras.

Wilson had Capshaw pose in front of The Terminal movie poster, mimicking Hanks' Gump-like profile. Then Capshaw snapped a shot of Wilson puckering up to her hubby's likeness.

"I bring my camera to all these events to document them," Wilson said. "I love putting together our photo albums."

After the reception, Applegate said she found little in common between The Terminal and her 2003 airport flop, View From the Top. The main difference? "This was a Spielberg film," said Applegate, who has agreed to star in Sweet Charity on Broadway for nine months beginning in April. "This was a touching, beautiful story. Ours was a silly mockery."