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Sunday, June 13, 2004: (Los Angeles):

Oscar winners Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg and Catherine Zeta-Jones all seemed to be flying appropriately high at the world premiere of their latest film -- which is, after all, set in an airport terminal.

The Terminal casts Hanks as an Eastern European visitor to New York City whose homeland erupts in a fiery coup and who is now stuck at John F. Kennedy Airport.

Problem is, his passport is now from nowhere and he is unauthorised to actually enter the United States. Until the war is over, he's forced to spend his days, night, months in the airport's transit lounge.

It sounds heavy, but The Terminal is another relatively light entry for Spielberg, on the heels of his breezy, successful Catch Me If You Can.

Terminal casts Catherine Zeta-Jones as an airline attendant who literally trips and stumbles her way into the Hanks character's heart. And Y Tu Mama Tambien actor Diego Luna portrays an airport worker who takes the Hanks character under his wing, but for a surprising price.

Nearly all of The Terminal is set, well, in an airport terminal, but not a real one. A J.F.K. replica was built in an airport hangar, accurate down to the food court.

The Terminal opens in North American theatres on June 18. (AP)

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