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100 Degrees and Rising

Michael Moore’s new movie, 100 degrees Fahrenheit; is bound to ruffle some feathers and possibly even determine the upcoming Presidental election.

It reminds me of the Ellsworth Toohey character from Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead”. In the book Toohey’s character prides himself on the power he wields over his devoted readers of the tabloid he writes for. He attends parties and grand openings with a crowd of the elite of culturally bankrupt listening and swaying to each word, each thought that crosses his mind.

“If he likes this restaurant it must be great. If the food is not good, well its probably not good for us because we don’t know any better.”

He can control the likes and dislikes of his readers and he does so in such a fashion that it reminds me of the mind control computers in the b-movies of the past.

He destroys leaders, he creates leaders; all based on the challenge.

Today we have Michael Moore; is he sincere? I don’t know because I don’t know him personally. His remarks at the Oscars last year were, in my mind, inappropriate.


Who ever gave the winners the idea that this podium, where gratitude of winning an award for a film is to be expressed, can be turned it into their own personal pulpit?

Why should we care what these people have to say?

These people are the Hollywood types; the ones who create a world of their own to be seen by millions of people. They have the power to shape the minds of the average viewer who would never dare question their actor heroes.

Harrison Ford could win the election in November if he chose to run today.

Madonna wears a red string and suddenly girls all over the world are wearing red garters.

Michael Moore brazenly spews hate towards the president and he is applauded and given a standing ovation.

We live in a world dominated by great orators and actors.

If you are able to stand there and tell lies for an hour and half you can make the audience believe you and be willing to die for you.

If you are able to look presidential; why not run for President, hell, ole Ronny did it, why not Martin Sheen?

We are surrounded by Media.

We are influenced by media; but it doesn’t mean we should obey each and every idea expressed by the powerful media and the lead actors.

I personally believe that Michael Douglas can be the next president. If he can get Catherine Zeta Jones to marry him, then, well, I am sure he’ll be able to convince N. Korea to put down those missiles.

God bless freedom of speech and God bless America.

And God help those who fall prey to the words of the great pretenders.

Freddy S. Zalta


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