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Now Playing:Hanks at his best in 'Terminal'

June 23, 2004

picture"The Terminal" is the story of a man who is trying to get to New York City but is forced to stay in the airport because his passport is no longer valid. While there he makes himself at home, meets new people and even plays matchmaker for a few, too. It stars Tom Hanks, Catherine Zeta-Jones ("Chicago") and is directed by Steven Spielberg. It is rated PG-13 for very brief language. Time wondering how many foreigners are living at DIA: 125 minutes.

Nancy's take: Only Tom Hanks can get away with filming a whole movie revolving around an airport terminal. "The Terminal" will take you through a series of emotions from sadness to laughter and everything in between.

Tom Hanks was outstanding. His accent was incredible. At times I felt he was really from some foreign country. Catherine Zeta-Jones was as beautiful as usual. Although her character was much less domineering and came across as more fragile, she still did a good job. It wasn't Oscar worthy, but still well done. The supporting cast, mostly people unknown to me, was awesome. Each person brought in something to the movie to make it special.

"The Terminal" was very similar to "Cast Away". Although "Cast Away" seemed to drag at times, some of the characteristics were the same. The most obvious was the single setting. "Cast Away" was set almost entirely on a deserted beach, where this was all in an airport terminal. I don't want to give this movie away so you just have to go see it.

Was this movie worth the price of admission? Yes. It was uplifting and a good movie overall. Would I see it again? I'm sure I will.

Dan's take: Most people dread the thought of getting stuck in an airport because of weather or missing a flight. Personally, I've always kind of wished I'd get stuck there for days for any reason. I've always loved the airport for some reason and I wish I traveled more than once every blue moon so I could go there more often. I think this soft spot for airports is one of the reasons I like "The Terminal."

Watching it was like having a dream come true. Tom Hanks was back to his good, old self. I'm glad to see that "The Ladykillers" didn't ruin him for me. His accent was a little weird to me at first but it grew on me — especially after his English got better. This performance reminded me a lot of "Cast Away" in that it was basically Tom Hanks stranded somewhere and forced to be resourceful. It wasn't as good or as moving as "Cast Away" but it was right up there.

Was "The Terminal" worth the price of admission? Yes. It was funny, Tom Hanks was good again and it had Catherine Zeta-Jones. I think an older crowd might enjoy it more, though, because it is definitely not an edge-of-seat thriller. Would I see it again? Maybe someday when I'm stuck at the airport.



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