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'Infatuated' Zeta-Jones Stalker Apologizes
Tue Jun 29, 2004 06:11 PM ET
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LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A woman charged with stalking Catherine Zeta-Jones has never even killed a goldfish, and has written the actress a letter of apology saying she was infatuated with Michael Douglas, her lawyer said on Tuesday.

Dawnette Knight was arrested in Beverly Hills, California, last month and charged with stalking, making numerous calls and writing threatening letters to the Oscar-winning star of "Chicago," who is married to Douglas.

Knight is in custody pending trial but her lawyer Richard Herman told reporters she had written to the actress describing herself as a "confused young woman infatuated with Michael Douglas."

She apologized for any distress she had caused, adding "it would be a wonderful good deed if you would all forgive me."

Herman said there was never any chance that Knight would harm Zeta-Jones, her two young children, or her husband.

"The worst thing she has ever been accused of was killing her ex-boyfriend's goldfish and she says she's innocent of that," Herman said.

Knight faces a preliminary hearing next month. If eventually convicted she faces anywhere from probation to 19 years jail.

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