June 30, 2004
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Dear Cathy, Sorry About the Stalking

by Julie Keller
Jun 29, 2004, 3:45 PM PT

Catherine Zeta-Jones' stalker is really, really sorry. And she'd be much obliged if the actress could find it in her heart to put that whole "terrorist threat" thing behind her.

Dawnette Knight, who was busted earlier this month for harassing the Oscar-winning Chicago star with a series of phone calls and threatening letters, has penned her final note. This time, she says she's sorry for "any distress" she has caused and is asking for forgiveness.

a d v e r t i s e m e n t

In a letter addressed to Zeta-Jones and father-in-law Kirk Douglas and obtained by Los Angeles' City News Service, Knight says she is just a "confused young woman infatuated with Michael Douglas" who has "no rational explanation for my actions."

Apparently, 32-year-old Knight had a Fatal Attraction-esque crush on Zeta-Jones' hubby and decided to go after his wife with letters and calls that resulted in Knight being charged with one count of stalking and 25 counts of making terrorist threats. She was thrown into jail earlier this month in lieu of making her $1 million bail.

"I want to apologize for any distress I have caused you and your families," Knight wrote in the letter.

Knight has had plenty of time to think about her behavior as she awaits her next hearing on July 26.

Zeta-Jones opted not to attend Tuesday's preliminary hearing; she is currently shooting Ocean's Twelve in Italy. Her reps had no immediate comment on Knight's mea culpa.

Knight's lawyer, however, had plenty to say in a post-court address to reporters Tuesday. He blamed Knight's actions on our troubled times and something about a goldfish.

Richard P. Herman doled out copies of the letter to reporters after Tuesday's preliminary hearing and said his client got "confused and thought she was doing something as a prank, and it got taken much too seriously because that's the age we live in."

He continued: "There was never ever any chance that anything would ever happen. As a matter of fact, the worst thing she's ever been accused of was killing her ex-boyfriend's goldfish, and she says she's innocent of that. So, for someone who never killed a goldfish, this has been blown far out of proportion."

Well, if he says so...

Meanwhile, Knight is pleading for Zeta-Jones' forgiveness so she can get back to work on her college degree...in child psychology.

"It would be a wonderful good deed if you would all forgive me so that I can go back to college to finish my studies in child psychology," Knight wrote.

For now, the matter is in the hands of the Los Angeles Superior Court. Knight's upcoming trial will determine if there is enough evidence to make her stand trial for criminal threats and stalking. If convicted, she could potentially face up to 19 years in jail.

Herman says he hopes the case is resolved sooner. "This is just a terrible tragedy for everyone," he told reporters. "It's our hope that she receive the counseling that she needs and that we put all this behind us."

Of course, Zeta-Jones probably doesn't have much time for letter reading from accused stalkers. Aside from the now-playing Terminal, she has got three other films in the works, including Ocean's Twelve, a sequel to The Return of Zorro and the gay rugby comedy Coming Out.

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