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Thursday, July 1, 2004

King Features Syndicate

Q. I seem to recall hearing something about actress Catherine Zeta-Jones and singer Tom Jones being related. Is there any truth to this? I like them both and always wondered if there is any relation between them. - D.L.

A. No, actually; the two are both Welsh and share what is a very common last name in Wales. But that's as far as the link goes.

Q. I read somewhere that actor Johnny Depp is going to star as rocker Ozzy Osbourne in a movie. Is that true? - M.R.

A. It might be. Depp is currently in discussions to take on that role in an Ozzy bio film and is the first pick of both Ozzy and wife Sharon to star as the uninhibited singer. If negotiations work out, it will happen.

Since Depp has already channeled Rolling Stone Keith Richards for his Pirates of the Caribbean role, this should be a snap.

Q. Is it true that actress Mary-Kate Olsen has an eating disorder? Why would that happen? - K.F.

A. After months of denials following questions raised by her rail-thin appearance, representatives for the 18-year-old have confirmed that she has gone into treatment for a health-related illness, believed to be anorexia.

She's undoubtedly dealing with the root causes now, but perhaps the pressures of child stardom and the uneasy transition to adult stardom that often plagues young actors played a part.

Q. Can you tell me what Annette Bening is up to? She's my favorite. - P.L.

A. The actress and mother of four stars in the upcoming films Being Julia and Mrs. Harris, in which she plays Jean Harris, who was convicted of killing her former lover, Scarsdale Diet doctor Herman Tarnower (played by Ben Kingsley).

She also has plans to star in Diva, to be produced by rap impresario Damon Dash, about an aging actress who collaborates on a TV sitcom.

Q. I thought actor Tom Hanks was so good in The Terminal. What will he be doing next? - J.G.

A. He plays the conductor in the upcoming animated (but very realistic) film The Polar Express, due out in November, and he has several more due to start production: the murder-mystery A Cold Case, the drama The Risk Pool and the Western Boone's Lick, with Julianne Moore.

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