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Sun, July 4, 2004

From Zorro to hero
Catherine Zeta-Jones returns to role that made her famous

HOLLYWOOD -- Catherine Zeta-Jones will soon be getting back into the saddle and the corsets. "We're scheduled to start filming Zorro 2 this month in Mexico," says Zeta-Jones, who couldn't be happier.

"I complain about those costumes, but it's all in fun. I am so grateful to The Mask of Zorro. It's the movie that introduced me to American audiences."

Prior to her breakout performance in 1998's The Mask of Zorro, Zeta-Jones had supporting roles in the film The Phantom and the TV movie Titanic.

"It wasn't like Zorro was my first real acting experience. I've been acting since I was 15," says Zeta-Jones, who was born and raised in Wales.

She was dancing and singing in school and community plays and headed for London, where she was cast in the musical revival of 42nd Street.

"I was 15 and living in my own apartment. It was what I'd always dreamed of doing."

A few years later, her starring role in the TV series The Darling Buds of May made Zeta-Jones the toast of Britain.

But she always wanted to be a real Hollywood film star.

"I always harboured the American Dream. I was determined to give it a try. It was tough, until Zorro."

The Mask of Zorro gave Zeta-Jones more than a big Hollywood career. It found her a husband in Michael Douglas, who was so smitten by her performance in Zorro that he set about courting her.

Married in 2000, the couple has a three-year-old son, Dylan, and a one-year-old daughter, Carys.

"Michael and I are real homebodies. We're happy to spend as much time as possible with the kids."

Zeta-Jones stars in The Terminal as a flight attendant who falls in love with a foreign traveller (Tom Hanks) trapped in the JFK airport terminal.

"I got to work with Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. Please, taking this movie was a no-brainer."

An equally easy decision was accepting George Clooney's offer to join his clan for Oceans 12, which will be out in theatres this November.


Brendan Fraser is on the hunt for new film projects.

He's starring opposite Uma Thurman in the romantic comedy The Accidental Husband but he has several irons in the fire.

"I'd really like to do a new version of The Tenth Victim," says Fraser, adding his dream project would co-star Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and be directed by John McTiernan.

The original 1965 version of The Tenth Victim starred Ursula Andress as a big-game hunter stalking her tenth human victim.

Meanwhile, Suzanne and Jennifer Todd, the producers of the Austin Powers movies, have approached Fraser to play a flamboyantly gay spy in a spoof they are developing.

Fraser is also confident that director Stephen Sommers will begin writing a third Mummy film.


French filmmaker Christophe Gans is planning to turn back time when he comes to Alberta this fall.

Gans is hoping to begin shooting his epic Rahan in Alberta, starting in October.

Based on the French cave man comic book, Rahan is set 25,000 years ago and will feature Mark Dacascos as the prehistoric hero who goes on a journey of self-discovery.

Dacascos starred in Gans' thriller The Brotherhood of the Wolf.

Gans says the film will be told visually.

The characters will speak, but in a language created for the film. He says there will be no dubbing, but audiences will understand what the characters are saying by their body movements and the story itself.

Drumheller will be used for the sequences that involve Rahan's encounters with dinosaurs and the filmmaker is scouting the Lake Louise area for a mammoth hunt.

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