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Oregon brewery ends its Colorado drought

Deschutes Brewery, Oregon's largest brewer, has long eschewed Colorado. For five years, the 16-year-old brewery - creator of the award-winning Mirror Pond Ale, Black Butte Porter and Obsidian Stout - has opted to keep things manageable by distributing Deschutes suds only in states on its side of the Continental Divide.

No longer. After a five-year drought, Deschutes drivers have traversed the Rocky Mountains to deliver full-flavored brew in Colorado.

"Everyone is so glad to have them back," says Ron Vaughn, co-owner of Argonaut Liquors in Denver. "I love the Black Butte Porter. It's one of the best out there."

A convention all about covering up

"Making chaps." "Wigs, fur and fun." "Foam clown props." "Wiggling heads on a stick."


That's just a sampling of the lectures offered to members of the National Costumers Association at its 77th annual rally this week at Holiday Inn DIA.

Organizers expect 175 costumers from around the world to attend the week-long gala.

While costume-curious reporters here at The Post would love to tell you all about the undoubtedly sparkling spectacle, the association requires media to provide copies of all coverage prior to publication. That violates a protected journalistic tenet at most newspapers.

Apparently costumers are quite concerned with how they appear in public. Maybe that's why they love costumes?

United, we're ready for you on the set

While the financial situation at bankrupt United Airlines may resemble "Titanic," the company appears eager to capture some Hollywood glamour.

First, United hired actor Robert Redford to do a voiceover for a marketing campaign that launched in March. Then, United landed a major role in Steven Spielberg's latest movie, "The Terminal," which is currently in theaters. The movie's female lead, played by Catherine Zeta-Jones, is a United flight attendant. United didn't pay for its brand placement, says spokeswoman Jean Medina. Instead, the carrier provided the movie with uniforms, gate signs and other props. United employees also served as extras in the movie.

And this might not be the end of United's foray into Hollywood.

"We get scripts all the time and we're constantly reviewing them for opportunities that might be a good fit for United," Medina says.

Call of the mall seeks to lure festival-goers

"Typically, the Fourth of July is not a busy retail weekend," says Lisa Herzlich, marketing director for Cherry Creek Shopping Center.

Yet, for the 14 years of the mall's existence, it has gotten an Independence Day weekend boost from the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, which attracts hundreds of thousands of people strolling through the area.

This year, the mall aims to lure even more patrons with what it's calling an "In-sidewalk sale," featuring about 60 of the mall's 160 retailers.

"For the first time, we're allowing the merchants to bring their merchandise into the common area of the mall," Herzlich said. The unusual setup in the mall continues until 6 p.m. today and tomorrow.

A thought for your pennies

Ron England of Los Angeles bet his brother 30 years ago that he could save a million pennies in exchange for a dinner in Paris, The Associated Press reports. And he did, eventually stacking up 20,000 rolls that fill 13 boxes in his garage.

"I should have saved dimes," he said. "I'd have a lot more money, and it would weigh a lot less."