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Douglas son found dead in N.Y.
By Nichole Gleisner
Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Eric Anthony Douglas, the troubled son of Oscar-winning actor Kirk Douglas, was found dead yesterday afternoon by police inside a Manhattan apartment building. He was 46. Douglas' body was found after someone flagged down a passing patrol car, police said. With no obvious signs of foul play, an autopsy was to be scheduled to determine the cause of death.
     Douglas struggled to achieve success as an actor like his father and his half-brother, Michael, but his career faltered in the early 1980s and '90s after small roles in movies like ``Delta Force 3: The Killing Game.''
     He later tried stand-up comedy, telling the Herald in 1992 that ``the basic theme of my style is, `Life is very frustrating, but you have to keep control.' ''
     In the following years, while Michael Douglas won two Academy Awards and married actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, Eric Douglas became more well-known for his out-of-control behavior and drug abuse.
     In a 2000 interview, the youngest of Kirk Douglas' sons admitted to spending eight days in a coma after a pill overdose a year earlier.
     In 1997, Douglas pleaded guilty to cocaine possession when he was arrested intercepting a shipment of 1,000 anti-depressant pills and had 11 vials of crack with him.
     In 1996, he crashed his rental car in an alleged drunken-driving incident and also spent a month in jail after disrupting a flight from Los Angeles to Newark, N.J.
     Douglas was also charged with the assault of a limo driver in Newark, as well as a 12-year-old fellow patientat a Connecticut psychiatric hospital and a Minneapolis police officer. He was sued by the driver in 1999 and was acquitted of the other two charges.

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