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Michael Douglas brother found dead

Jul 7 2004

By Beth Hardie, icReporter


The dead body of Hollywood star Michael Douglas's half-brother has been found in a Manhattan flat.

It is thought troubled actor Eric Douglas, whose films included The Golden Child and Delta Force, died of a drugs overdose.

According to The Sun, a police source said: "It seems that drugs were the cause. He's believed to have been dead for quite a while."

The 46-year-old's body was found by his cleaner after neighbours complained of a bad smell coming from his flat.

The source continued: "The door was locked from the inside and there were no signs of a struggle."

Eric was the youngest of film legend Kirk Douglas's four sons. His mother Anne Buydens was an alcoholic and drug addict and it seemed Eric followed in her footsteps.

He was jailed for air rage in 1996, arrested for driving while high on drugs and drink the year after and in 1999 he choked on a piece of bacon at his father's house and fell into a coma for eight days. He later admitted he had taken too many anti-anxiety pills at the time, but the incident was thought to have caused him brain damage.

Eric became a comedian after his film career flopped and in one stand-up routine he targeted his brother Michael Douglas, 59, and 34-year-old wife Catherine Zeta-Jones - while they were in the audience.

He reportedly said: "Michael's Jewish and she's Scottish - together they're the world's cheapest couple."

Catherine pointed out that's she's actually Welsh.

Michael once said: "You try to separate yourself from the pain and problems of your siblings but it's impossible."


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