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July 8, 2004

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Light bulb not on: Britney nixes prenup


Jul. 8, 2004 12:00 AM

Britney Spears is taking a big gamble on the success of her upcoming marriage.

Star magazine reports that the pop tart is resisting pressure from her family to insist that her intended, dancer Kevin Federline, sign a prenup before they wed.

Under California law, Spears, who is worth $100 million and paid for her own $40,000 engagement ring, could stand to lose half her wealth if the prenup-free marriage fizzles.

Spears, who supports her honey of three months and recently bought a house with him (he no doubt broke open his piggy bank for his share of the purchase), insists that she is marrying for love. The wedding is set for November.

Mom Lynne, meanwhile, is said to be distraught over the rush - and also a little ticked that her daughter told her assistant about the engagement before she told her own mother.

Clooney cluster

Not even the local priest can protect George Clooney from adoring fans in Italy.

The London Telegraph reports that the actor, in the country to film Ocean's Twelve, invited castmates Catherine Zeta-Jones and Brad Pitt to stay at his mansion on Lake Como, inciting the locals to congregate outside the gates to catch a glimpse of the stars.

"But the crowds outside the house got so carried away that the village priest had to be brought in to beg his flock to leave Clooney alone," a source tells the paper.

Alas, this approach was "semisuccessful, but no more than that."

The source adds, "The mayor eventually had to issue an order banning people from standing on the pavement outside the house or parking their cars nearby."

Not on her résumé

Ladies and gentlemen, start your search engines.

Is Cameron Diaz about to be Paris Hilton's neighbor on the "adults only" rack at selected video stores? reports that early in Diaz's career, the Charlie's Angels star made a "kinky S&M" film - and it's begun making Internet rounds.

We were clueless

Catching up on who's who among the Hollywood nipped/tucked: has rave reviews for what is apparently Mandy Moore's longer, more mature new nose., meanwhile, has ample photographic evidence of what was either Tara Reid's recent Wonderbra shopping spree or a more permanent enhancement. See the before-after pics and judge for yourself.

Elf princess, baby OK

Pregnant Lord of the Rings actress Liv Tyler no doubt gave her husband, rocker Royston Langdon, a scare when she passed out recently outside a restaurant in Nantucket, Mass.

Tyler's publicist, however, says everything is fine with mother and unborn child, blaming Tyler's collapse on sun and dehydration, according to the London Daily Mirror.

Counting his chickens

Singer Kenny Rogers and wife Wanda are the parents of identical twin boys, the Associated Press reports.

Justin Charles and Jordan Edward were born Tuesday in Atlanta, according to Claire Cook with Dreamcatcher Entertainment.

Wanda Rogers is an identical twin, and twins also run in Kenny Rogers' family, Cook says. The 65-year-old singer has three children from previous marriages.

Life of 007

Sean Connery has signed a deal with HarperCollins to write his memoirs, due out in late 2006, TV Guide Online reports.

"Having always vowed never to write my autobiography, here I am standing on the runway awaiting my journey into a new space," Connery says. "It's rather scary, but utterly exhilarating."

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