Published July 9, 2004

'The Terminal' will leave action-adventure fans stranded

By Jill Turner
News-Leader Staff

"The Terminal" — Caution: This isn't your typical summer movie. As in "Castaway," Tom Hanks' character is stranded and missing home, but at least he can shave in this film.

If you've seen the previews, you know the scenery doesn't change much from a New York airport. So don't expect fabulous sets or big explosions. If you want spectacular acting — not action — this film's for you.

Viktor Navorski (Tom Hanks) wants to visit New York for one simple reason — a promise — but he can't seem to get his feet on U.S. soil. During his flight to America, rebels took over his homeland and U.S. officials won't recognize his country or his passport. Until the uprising is over, he cannot return home or leave JFK airport.

He is stuck.

Viktor's temporary residence doesn't turn out to be too temporary after nine months, but finally Viktor is free in more ways than one.

Hanks' phenomenal acting will make you believe he is an amiable fellow from Krakozhia. Like the characters in the film, you too might find it a bit hard to understand his dialect.

Catherine Zeta-Jones plays Viktor's crush, Amelia. The romantic story line, what there is of one, isn't a fairy tale. Accolades to director Steven Spielberg for staying true to life with this plot point.

Compassion, friendship and a little humor help this film reach its destination, but don't go looking for far off and exotic.

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