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Zeta’s wind problem

Poor Catherine Zeta-Jones. The Welsh actress has forked out £1.5m to build a house with uninterrupted views across over Swansea Bay only to find that instead she’ll be looking at Britain’s biggest wind farm.

The brunette beauty had problem after problem building the three-story property.

The last thing Cath hoped for was that she’d be able to enjoy some staggering views, but instead she’ll now be faced with thirty giant propellers, each taller than the London Eye.

A friend told the Daily Mail: “This is just bad news after bad news. The poor girl has had nothing but trouble with this house. I hope she still intends to use it.

“The view is the whole point of living there. It is stunning, but it will not be with a wind farm in the way.”

Well, what’s £1.5m to Cat? She herself admitted that a cool million “is not that much to us.”