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Catherine Zeta Jones
 Catherine Zeta Jones

Light entertainment luvvie Ann Montini delivers the latest showbiz news:   

:: Did you know that Catherine Zeta Jones keeps a set of pictures taken when she was just 17 - for Just Seventeen magazine.

She keeps the photos in a frame on her wall at her Hollywood home.   

She said: "That was a big break for me, and sometimes I look at the photos to remember just where I came from and where I am going."   

:: Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston made the global hit The Bodyguard together over 12 years ago.   

Now Kevin has written a new film for his pal, thinking it would make a great movie comeback for her.   

Costner revealed: "I like acting with her, and I plan to take the theme of that movie a little further.

Alex Best
Alex Best

:: I hear jungle bunny Alex Best, who appeared in the last series of I'm A Celebrity, is keen to land a stint on Celebrity Stars In Their Eyes.   

Who does she want to be? Dido!   

You read it here first.   

:: Charlotte Church, the one-time Voice of an Angel, has turned into a fag-smoking diva with a sharp tongue.   

She revealed that she would not do a duet with Victoria Beckham.   

Charlotte said: "She does not have a great voice and would not be top of my list.

Charlotte Church
Charlotte Church

Let's see how well your album does Charlotte!   

:: Did you know that Liz Hurley will not speak to you if you call her Liz?   

The diva, model and flop actress said: "I never speak to people who call me that.   

"I am like Elizabeth Taylor in that vein. Just get my name right."   

:: Mouthy Simon Cowell has revealed that he would not have signed up Will Young.   

Will, of course, went on to sell millions of records, unlike the one Simon backed - Gareth Gates.

Geri Halliwell
Geri Halliwell


Simon, who appears clueless about real talent, said: "Will was not a choice for me - and I still don't really get it now."   

Unlike Jordan, who Simon's now planning to sign up, eh?   

:: Emma Thompson has revealed that despite starring with John Travolta, her favourite co-star is Sir Anthony Hopkins from The Remains of the Day.   

She said: "It's all about the story for me really, and I must say that one was a cracker.   

"And Anthony is such a divine man to act with.

Ann Montini
Ann Montini

:: This sounds explosive! I can reveal that Nicole Kidman is planning to team up with fellow Oz star Russell Crowe for a new movie.   

She said: "We are looking at various scripts right now, but it's something that we always planned to do at some stage."   

:: Oh dear. I fear the lovely Geri Halliwell will have to curb yet another new addiction.   

First it was yoga, then dieting.   

And now I hear the singer loves the new Starbucks Mango Frappe so much so that her local has one made up for her each morning.   

She collects it from the Notting Hill coffee shop when she does her daily power walk with her dog Harry.   

A source told me: "She loves them and could easily down two in one go."   

:: Until next time, Ann.

Last Updated: 13:20 UK, Tuesday July 13, 2004
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