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Britney's ex wants more cash

Anthony Carr & Tony Brenna, Special to the Free Press   2004-07-18 05:44:07  

Brando kids set for disappointment

Marlon Brando's 10 living children are in for a big disappointment over the Godfather's will. While it was thought he was worth over $200 million US, it transpires his estate is a mere $22 million -- and of that sum $20 million will go to pay off his debts.

By Hollywood standards Marlon died poor -- and was telling the truth when he said he could no longer afford to give his kids the cash they constantly demanded.

PREDICTION: Marlon's home will reveal documents and tapes that will explain many of the mysteries in his life -- and just what he felt about the many women he loved.

Douglas family devastated by death

The drug overdose death of Eric Douglas, 43, youngest son of Kirk Douglas and brother of Michael Douglas, has devastated his family. For years, his outrageous behaviour got him into trouble with the law -- and often into detox. The family spent millions supporting him and paying his legal bills. He wasn't grateful and blamed them for not promoting his stalled acting career. Eric was also jealous of Catherine Zeta Jones after she married Michael and had his kids. He claimed Michael was so besotted by his wife, he no longer cared about his little brother.

PREDICTION: The loss of Eric has a bad effect on Kirk Douglas' health; sadly, he'll suffer a second stroke.

Love suffers mental breakdown

Rocker Courtney Love, widow of musical great Kurt Cobain, has suffered a mental meltdown. Friends say "she needs long-term psychiatric care. Her career as a rocker's over for a long time, if not for good." Paranoid and delusional, Courtney's beset by legal problems after attacks on fans, public displays of nudity and failures to turn up for court appearances. Courtney's latest fracas involved her being led away in handcuffs by police, then taken to hospital weeping and cursing, strapped to a stretcher.

PREDICTION: Courtney will be faced with either prison or a long stay in a mental hospital; a suicide bid fails.

Roberts a problem on Ocean's 12 set

Pregnant with twins, Julia Roberts is giving producers of Ocean's 12 a headache with her cranky behaviour. She's reported demanding re-shoots when she thinks she doesn't look glamourous and expensive wardrobe changes when costumes aren't flattering to her burgeoning figure. The movie, top-heavy with such stars as George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Catherine Zeta Jones and being filmed on location around the world, is going over budget, costing a whopping $100 million.

PREDICTION: Julia will ask to be released from this film before shooting is completed; a premature birth of her twins will be difficult. Intensive care saves their lives.

Madonna trying for third child

Madonna, 45, trying for a third child, is reportedly undergoing fertility treatments. The news has surprised her friends because the star is currently on a world tour that's apparently taxing her to the limits. She's suffered leg injuries and once fainted on the stage.

PREDICTION: Madonna will get pregnant again -- and have another girl.

Hilton cashes in on Internet sex video

Simple Life star Paris Hilton is said to be making sleazy money from the sex tape her former boyfriend, Rick Salomon, shot of their bedroom romps -- and then sold for millions on the Internet. She's dropped a lawsuit against him, reportedly accepting $400,000 in cash and a share of the profits from web sales. Meanwhile, Cameron Diaz is also blushing about a video shot when she was a starlet showing her in kinky poses, walking a leather masked man like a dog and posing topless. Cameron's lawsuit failed to stop the frisky footage hitting the Internet.

PREDICTION: Paris will get back with Rick Salomon for a second round of romance. Like the first, it proves a disaster.

Maguire set to propose

Friends say Spider-Man 2 star Tobey Maguire plans to cast his web over real-life girlfriend Jen Meyer, daughter of studio chief Ron Meyer, with an August engagement party.

PREDICTION: This pair won't marry; Tobey backs out and Jen is shattered.

Britney's first husband seeks $10-million payoff

It appears Britney Spears' husband of 55 hours, Jason Alexander, is after her for more cash. He's claiming he didn't know what he was doing when he signed papers ending their booze-fuelled Las Vegas marriage. Jilted Jason's angry she's now engaged to Kevin Federline and says her January wedding with him was a big mistake. He claims in British newspaper interviews the pop tart was "an animal" in bed. He says that's where she proposed to him -- and then let family and lawyers break them up. Insiders claim he wants $10 million to go away -- and that's after Britney's already given him a big cash payoff. Meanwhile, she's terrifying her managers by saying she'll marry Federline without a pre-nuptial agreement -- meaning he, too, could get a big slice of her $100-million fortune if they split.

PREDICTION: Britney settles with Jason, giving him approximately $3 million because she feels guilty about the pain she caused him. The marriage to Kevin produces a baby, but not happiness.

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