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CATHERINE ZETA HATA FACES 19 YEARS: Jones’ stalker thought charges would be dropped.

(Jul. 26, 2004) *Dawnette Knight, the woman convicted of stalking actress Catherine Zeta Jones, faces 19 years in prison for “being foolish,” according to her lawyer.

The 32-year-old, who shocked black people everywhere when her face was shown for the first time, appeared in a Los Angeles courtroom Thursday praying that her 24 stalking charges would be dropped. She had no such luck.

"She's facing 19 years in state prison for being foolish,” said her lawyer Richard Herman. “She's learned a very valuable lesson that will make her a good woman and a major asset to society."

This whole ordeal began when Knight began sending death threats to Jones claiming that she had an affair with the actress’ husband Michael Douglas. A judge will rule next week whether Knight will face trial. In the meantime, she remains in jail.

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