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Outrageous Claims from Douglas/Zeta-Jones Stalker
July 26, 2004

Dawnette Knight, accused of stalking Michael Douglas and threatening his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, is facing up to 19 years in prison. At the start of her preliminary hearing in Los Angeles on Monday, a detective testified that Michael's dad, Kirk Douglas, received 14 harassing and threatening letters from Knight.

Knight allegedly wrote one letter to Kirk Douglas while Catherine Zeta-Jones was pregnant. The letter allegedly said: "I hope you know that the baby is not Michael’s. It's George Clooney’s, just wait and you'll see." Of course, that is not true.

Zeta-Jones has already received a written apology from the alleged stalker apologizing for "any distress." And last week, Knight's own attorney, Dick Herman, proposed banishing his client to Catalina Island, a resort miles off the coast of Los Angeles.

"We have proposed a year of residential counseling on Catalina Island without permission of Ms. Knight to ever get on the ferry so there would be absolutely no threat ever to any Hollywood star of any kind," Herman said.

Knight's fiancé, Ronald Calvin, said that, despite her bizarre behavior, the Douglas family has nothing to fear. "She's learned a very valuable lesson that will make her a valuable asset to society," he insisted.

According to the detective who testified on Monday, Knight had a crafty way of getting the Douglas family to read her letters -- she used business envelopes from media outlets like Us Weekly to mail them.


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