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Stalker Allegedly Threatened Zeta-Jones With "Biggest Murder"
July 28, 2004

As Michael Douglas testified in court today, disturbing new details of threats against his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, were publicly revealed, in the case of the woman accused of being obsessed with the celebrity couple. Douglas and Zeta-Jones arrived in court under heavy security, where they came face to face with their alleged stalker, 32-year-old Dawnette Knight, of Los Angeles.

Knight is accused of saying she would, "...Slash Zeta-Jones' throat like OJ did..." and, "…Slice her up and feed her to the dogs. And shred her to pieces like Sharon Tate." The last is a reference to the infamous Manson family murders, which claimed the life of Tate, a beautiful actress then married to Roman Polanski, among others. Court documents further allege Knight wrote that Zeta-Jones' killing would be, "…The biggest murder that's going to occur in Entertainment History."

Inside the courtroom, a confident and determined Michael Douglas took the stand and observers hung on his every word as, in a booming voice, he told the judge that he was shocked, scared and stunned when he found out about the death threats against his wife. Douglas also said he once even thought he saw the women at his charity golf event. But at first, the actor testified, he didn't tell his wife about the threats, afraid it would upset her tremendously.

Knight looked away during Douglas' testimony, and avoided making eye contact with him the whole time.

Outside Wednesday's hearing, Knight's fiancé, Ronald Calvin, told "CJ" that everything is now spinning out of control. "It was a stupid prank that got out of hand," he told us. "And it will never happen again."

But Zeta-Jones' lawyers claim that this is anything but a prank, insisting Knight threatened the star by writing, "When we finish with this bitch/whore you won't be able to recognize her in her casket."

Douglas testified his wife received several death threats at her hotel in Amsterdam while she was filming "Oceans' 12." The threats were also made to a hotel in Bermuda, where Douglas keeps a residence. Douglas further testified that he kept his dog at the house to provide extra security.

Zeta-Jones told the court that when her husband sat her down to relate the alleged threats, she at first thought he had bad news about a loved one's health. She said what he told her left her trembling and at a loss for words.

Knight is currently in jail on a $1 million bond, and is facing a total of 25 counts.


Download Official Court Documents
The People of the State of California v. Dawnette Knight

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