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Alleged Douglas Stalker Sleeping Pill Incident
July 29, 2004

A surprising revelation was made in court today as the judge in the Douglas/Zeta-Jones stalking case learned that the accused, Dawnette Knight, had to be taken to the hospital after ingesting two sleeping pills.

When she showed up at court Thursday, Knight seemed groggy and the judge determined she was still suffering the effects of pills she somehow obtained in jail. Richard Herman, Knight's attorney, believes his client got the pills from a jailhouse drug dealer. "She just wanted to get a good night’s sleep," Herman insisted. "She just wanted sleeping pills."

Herman says Knight was found unconscious on the floor and when guards couldn't wake her, she was taken to the LA County Medical Center.

The incident came just hours after Dawnette faced Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones in court. They both took the stand Wednesday in a hearing to see if Knight should stand trial for allegedly stalking and threatening Zeta-Jones, related to Knight's apparent infatuation with Michael Douglas.

Although Herman insists it was not a suicide attempt, Knight’s fiancé, Ronald Calvin, is deeply worried about Dawnette. "I know she was shaken up yesterday, because we didn’t honestly expect Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas to take the time to show up and keep this circus going," Calvin told us. "But this could be the start of something tragic. She's never been incarcerated; she's never been incarcerated for two months. She's a high maintenance woman."

Calvin told us that his fiancée talked to him about her close encounters with her idol at a party in South Florida, a Kirk Douglas book signing in Toronto and the Michael Douglas charity golf tournament in Vegas. But Calvin said he didn't think much of it: "She’s a fan; fans have the right to get a glimpse of their idols."

As for the last trip to Vegas, Calvin told us, "I paid for it, I paid for everything."

But Calvin, who admits he was shocked after hearing the allegations, remains determined to stand by Dawnette. "She just needs to think about the beautiful children she's going to give me," he said.

In further developments, "CJ" has exclusive obtained a restraining order issued by a judge in June, which says Dawnette Knight must remain at least 500 feet away from Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas, Kirk Douglas and his wife, Anne, for the next ten years.

Knight is scheduled to appear before the judge on Friday.


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