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Home : Features : Columnists : Flash of Splash : King of Pop Allegedly Lures, Zeta Jones Fires Back at Stalker

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King of Pop Allegedly Lures, Zeta Jones Fires Back at Stalker
Written by: Carolina Taylor

Let's Recap:

Michael Douglas and his wife, Catherine Zeta Jones, told a Los Angeles courtroom about the “satanic” letters and threats they received from an obsessed fan. Dawnette Knight, the 32-year-old charged with stalking Zeta-Jones, has always maintained that the stalking was meant to be directed “only” towards Douglas. Spooky reasoning don’t you think? However, Zeta Jones, while reading excerpts from the letters as she cried and was visibly shaking, told the courtroom how Knight, in one letter, threatened to rip her apart like “Sharon Tate.” You will recall that Sharon Tate was the pregnant model/actress that was brutally stabbed and murdered by Charles Manson and his gang during their Helter Skelter rampage in the '70s. Douglas has told the court that he felt his wife showed signs of a nervous breakdown and Zeta Jones contends she has never read or heard such “satanic” hate in her life. Let’s hope that such a public scrutinizing of stalking will lead to stiffer punishments for the average men and women that have fought this battle in the darkness for years. Let’s hope the judge sets a precedent and sends a message that the words you speak, the lines you write, and the actions you perpetrate, will be held up to the light, you will be held accountable, and you will do the time.

On Tuesday, a Santa Maria Court heard from prosecutors about a theory that Michael Jackson lured young children to his Neverland Ranch with the intention of abduction and molestation. A prosecutor in his seven-count indictment said that the pop star “enticed” a young boy with the promise of his play-ranch and after he had allegedly molested the young boy, the prosecutor insisted, Jackson then held the young boy and his family hostage, forcing them to make a video clearing Jackson of all wrong doing. Deputy District Attorney, Gordon Auchincloss, emphatically suggested to the court on Tuesday that Jackson panicked after a network exposé show in February of last year “threatened to destroy his career” when it suggested he had an obsession with young children, more specifically young boys. During the hearing, which will decide the possible dismissal of all charges in the case, the prosecution maintained that there is a “conspiracy” link in this case that is “insidious.” Auchincloss told the court that after Jackson’s national admission of such oddities as doll collections, room after room of “little boy” decoratives, and Jackson’s belief that it was natural to share warmth and love with little children, even in his own bedroom, that Jackson was terrified of the public backlash he might have created, and of eventual ruin of his “empire.” I don’t know about all that, but as I watched the show, it only made one thing abundantly clear to me. The dude is a strange cat. But then, all of Hollywood is strange, that’s the magic of the town isn’t it? Not so, says the prosecution. Auchincloss said that by Jackson sending his private jet repeatedly for the victims family to join him at his Neverland Ranch, and then whisking them away to vacation with him in luxury resorts, that Jackson has shown he is/was obsessed, sick, and intent on molestation. The part that I find interesting is that the family was aware of every step Jackson took in their relationship with the superstar. If they felt it was wrong, why not call it a day and go home? Could it be the money he was feeding the family was more of an incentive than they are alleging? Could it be that when the money was cut off from the family, as Jackson and his defense are suggesting it was, that the mother felt angry, and wanted revenge? It’s also curious that according to paperwork in the case, the mother only sought psychological help for her son after she saw a civil attorney in the case. Even more curious to me, is that even the father of the victim says the mother has done this before in a previous claim, and that she only sought criminal charges after she sought civil charges and that she only gave up on that idea after she was advised to await the outcome of a criminal trial. There’s no doubt that the Moon Walker is strange and that his predilection for “sleeping” with boys as he shared in his ’03 network interview, even innocently, rings strange for me as a mother. So far, the prosecution has told me nothing that suggests molestation in this case. However, this is just the first among many hearings. Either way, unlike the media, I’ll presume him innocent until the prosecution does a better job of convincing me he’s guilty.

Comedian/actor Anthony Anderson (“Kangaroo Jack,” “Barbershop,” “My Baby’s Daddy,” and “Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London”) was charged with aggravated rape on Wednesday, July 28th. The charges against him and Wayne Witherspoon, an assistant director, allege that they assaulted a movie extra on the set of his new film, “Hustle & Flow,” in Tennessee. Anderson and Witherspoon allegedly lured the woman into the actor's trailer, forcibly removed her clothes, assaulted her with their hands, and took pictures of her undressed. There is a witness that has told police he heard the woman screaming and when he unlocked the trailer door, she escaped, naked and visibly distraught. The woman was then transported to the sexual assault center at St. Francis Hospital. Anderson and Witherspoon were taken to Shelby County Jail and booked. Both men posted bail the same day. The arraignment is scheduled for Thursday morning, July 29th. Anderson’s publicist has issued a statement claiming that he is a “happily married family man,” and not only is he not guilty, but he has “never been accused of -- no less involved in -- anything remotely like this.” Well, as I have said before, he is innocent until proven guilty. But usually, where there is smoke, there is fire. And if there is a fire, it needs to be put out.

We have Lil’ Kim pleading not guilty in her trial, as her business manager is equally embroiled in the hearing for the ’01 shooting she was charged in conjunction with and on a musical (huh?!) note, we have Jay-Z in the lead with six nominations in the MTV Video Music Awards (which will be host-less this year), and little girl with the big mouth, Ashlee Simpson topping the music charts (wonder how much she would top without the power of Jessica’s name to back her up?).

In a land of people that can hardly stay civil, much less married to each other, we have Brandy trying again with NBA star Quentin Richardson, as he pops the question…again? And Mary-Kate Olsen finally gets to leave rehab and go home.

Last, but not least, Jackson Beck, the voice that introduced the famous lines of Superman’s radio show, and original television airing, “It’s a bird, it’s a plane…” has died at 92. I only remember that guy, because I first heard that tag line in Spanish, not English. It’s a long story that ends after a double feature of El Superman and Jack The Ripper, with my brother stuffing me in the trunk while he made out with his girlfriend.

It’s another day, folks. Don’t blink, more could happen. Yes, they can leap tall buildings and they are faster than a speeding bullet…(I couldn’t resist).

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