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MORE DETAILS ABOUT JONES STALKER: Dawnette Knight really thought she was Charles Manson.

(Jul. 29, 2004) *The case involving Catherine Zeta-Jones/Michael Douglas stalker Dawnette Knight has gone from creepy to down right disturbing in the latest revelation about the content of her death threats – in all of its misspelled, poorly-punctuated glory.

According to court documents uncovered by the syndicated program “Celebrity Justice,” one of her letters to the actress borrowed a phrase from her mentor, master psycho killer Charles Manson. It threatened that Zeta-Jones “will be shreadded [sic] to pieces like Sharon Tate,” and the killing would be “the biggest murder that’s going to occur in entertainment history!”

The documents also say “Knight menacingly asserted that she was ‘going to slice her up like meat on a bone and feed her to the dogs.’ She threatened to ‘chop her away like Manson did,’ and ‘slash her throat like OJ did,’ threatening that ‘when we finish with this bitch/whore she will not be this pretty face actress, you won’t be able to recognize her in her cassket [sic]!’”

Outside of yesterday’s hearing, Knight’s fiancé Ronald Calvin told “CJ” that the stalking was a “stupid prank that got out of hand and it will never happen again.”

CAPOEIRA ANGOLA CONFERENCE: The Masters of Capoeira Angola AUGUST 6-8, 2004 Born in Angola and raised in Brazil, Capoeira is an African-Brazilian martial art form combining music, dance, fight, play, spirituality, and philosophy. Featuring 8 Master teachers together for biggest Capoeira Angola conference in Los Angeles history, the conference will consists of 3 days of movement and music classes, rodas, panel discussions and festivities. For more information and to register, contact: The International Capoeira Angola Foundation (ICAF/FICA)- Los Angeles 4379 S. Western Ave., L.A., CA, 90062. 323.850.8699 www.ficala.org / ficala@hotmail.com

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