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Dawnette Knight misses Zeta court hearing

Dawnette Knight

The stalker accused of making death threats against Catherine Zeta-Jones missed a court hearing after taking sleeping pills in prison.

Dawnette Knight, who allegedly began a campaign of hatred against the Oscar-winning actress two years ago, was too drowsy to follow proceedings - leaving officials no option but postpone the hearing. Knight's lawyer, Richard Herman, said: "She just wanted a good night's sleep."

Knight was found passed out on the floor of her prison cell before yesterday 's (29.07.04) hearing and when prison officers were unable to wake her, she was taken to hospital. It was later discovered she had taken two sleeping pills, which she had bought inside the prison.

Herman added: "She just wanted sleeping pills, and these worked real well. Unfortunately, a little too well."

The judge at the Los Angeles court postponed the hearing until today (30.07.04), saying Knight "appears to still feel the effects" of the pills.

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Earlier this week, the 32-year-old student denied 25 counts of making criminal threats against Catherine, but has recently admitted her obsession with the actress's husband, Michael Douglas, spiralled out of control.

At Wednesday's (28.07.04) hearing, Catherine sobbed as she read extracts from 19 "satanic" letters sent to her frail father-in-law, Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas. One note said: "She is going to be sliced up like meat on a bone and fed to the dogs."

Another kidnap demand, made up of cut-out letters, read: "When we get through with her ass, her body will be so unrecognisable.

We are about 90 per cent complete with a plan to kill Catherine Zeta-Jones - when we finish with this bitch, whore, she will never be a pretty face again."

The Welsh-born actress also told the court there were two death threat phone calls. Meanwhile, Knight's lawyers have admitted her obsession with Michael Douglas was "a girlie crush gone too far" and are asking for forgiveness from the Douglas family.

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Dawnette Knight misses Zeta court hearing

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Dawnette Knight misses Zeta court hearing