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Home : Features : Columnists : Flash of Splash : Zeta-Jones Stalker Overdoses as Tiger Takes A Walk In The Park

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Zeta-Jones Stalker Overdoses as Tiger Takes A Walk In The Park
Written by: Carolina Taylor

Let's Recap:

Top on my list for cool things is this:

This weekend, Apollo (a circus tiger on the run) scared the heck out of motorists on the Jackie Robinson Parkway in New York, when he decided to escape his circus confines and take a leisurely afternoon stroll. The tiger was eventually recaptured safely in Queens, but not before the motorists freaking out got into a multi-car pile-up. Four adults and a child suffered minor injuries, but all got out of the car to watch AFTER the crash. As usual, the police over complicated the situation, with 6 of them arriving with guns drawn (if that tiger wanted a piece of one of them, he’d get it before they could even think of shooting). Finally, though, the strolling feline’s trainer arrived, signaled him, the tiger obeyed, got in the cage, and everyone went home. The 7-year-old, 450-pound tiger was performing in Forest Park as part of the Cole Bros. Circus Show. Officer Durkin, the main guy in charge of the incident, brought up briefly a more recent incident that occurred last October, when police and animal control officers removed a 600-pound tiger and a 5-foot-long alligator from a Manhattan apartment. Remember that? That’s a day you are super-glad you had your coffee. At the end of the interview, Durkin was quoted as saying, "Police have no special training on how to deal with tigers. Based on this tiger and the last tiger, we may have to incorporate something into our training." Gang-bangers, thieves and tigers, oh my. I laughed so hard I almost peed myself.

Kuwaiti officials released a statement today about the banning of one of the most controversial films of all time: Fahrenheit 911. Kuwait, which just happens to be a “temporary” major US ally in the Gulf, has banned Michael Moore's documentary because it feels the movie is insulting to the Saudi Arabian royal family, and that it criticizes America's invasion of Iraq, at a time of war. They feel there is a time for dissent, but that this movie is founded on half-truths, did not seek out the royal family during the course of research, and will cause too much hostility in the region. You think? Really weird, but I actually agree with them. I’m wondering if me feeling that way is a good thing?

This is rich indeed. If you can’t stalk someone to a nervous breakdown, then by all means accuse the victim of causing yours! Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg ordered on Friday that the woman accused of stalking and sending death threats (“I’ll rip you to shreds like Sharon Tate…”) to actress Catherine Zeta-Jones undergo evaluation to determine her mental competency. The judge has suspended criminal proceedings against Dawnette Knight, after the woman attempted to overdose in a suicide attempt in her jail cell. Does anyone except me wonder how the heck she got pills in her cell anyway? No wonder this system is so screwed up. Knight’s lawyer, Richard Herman, told the court he doubted her competency to assist in her own defense. This contradicts not only Knight’s defense up until now, but also what Herman has repeatedly told reporters about his client.

He has always insisted that his client had “no mental problems” and had simply “made a mistake” by sending threatening hate mail, and by leaving threatening phone messages for Zeta-Jones. But Herman is now changing his tune and saying that Zeta-Jones has caused his client’s irrational behavior; that she is in effect, causing Knight’s nervous breakdown by saying bad things about her to reporters.

Let me get this straight. You threaten to rip me to shreds, and all I do is take you to court, and tell people that you are dangerous for doing so, and suddenly, I am on trial? Not only that, but now I am culpable if you choose to kill yourself, even though you were threatening to kill me not a week before I went to authorities? This loon of an attorney has been quoted as saying that Zeta-Jones is the one with “real blood” on her hands. Makes you wonder, who do you think gave her the pills to begin with?

The Democratic Convention had a steady stream of viewers this week, in spite of critics saying it was archaic, pointless and a waste of the million or so it cost. As one of the viewers that were glued to the set, one of the real treats for me was Senate candidate Barack Obama's speech as keynote speaker, during which he referred to a United America. “It's the hope of slaves sitting around a fire singing freedom songs; the hope of immigrants setting out for distant shores; the hope of a young naval lieutenant bravely patrolling the Mekong Delta; the hope of a mill worker’s son who dares to defy the odds; the hope of a skinny kid with a funny name who believes that America has a place for him, too. The audacity of hope! In the end, that is God's greatest gift to us, the bedrock of this nation; the belief in things not seen; the belief that there are better days ahead." Um, wow wow wow wow wow. What a speaker, not unlike the Great Communicator and even Martin Luther King Jr. in his day. Obama is currently touring Illinois through his birthday (August 4th) with his family and entourage, and if the man isn’t president one day, many people, including my father will eat their hat. The absolute tour de force of the convention though, was when Don Mischer forgot to turn off his mic, and was heard cursing up a storm in despair, as the traditional deluge of balloons did not accompany Kerry’s final words to his adoring clan. Again I almost peed my pants.

It’s been a week, folks. From actors being charged with rape, to rappers being jailed for assault and miscellaneous things, to a top TV executive being accused of wiretapping and eavesdropping on meetings within the Fox network corporation. But all I want to know, is why does no one see the conspiracy within the Big Brother House? Mark my words CBS followers; if the houseguests don’t vote Scott out soon, he will win the million dollars in spite of his obnoxious hairdo. Mark my words…until tomorrow.

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