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Thursday, August 5, 2004

Winston-Salem Journal

"I've never in my life had anything or had anyone say anything to me so satanic. I can't even imagine how a sane human being could have these images locked in their brain." - Catherine Zeta-Jones, known for her poise and glamour, describing her fear after receiving death threats from someone promising to "slice her up like meat on a bone."

"I'll tell you one thing, you put on a corset, it changes everything." - Judy Greer, on the costumes she wore while filming M. Night Shyamalan's new thriller, The Village, about an insular town surrounded by dark forces in the woods in 1897 Pennsylvania.

"First of all, you walk out in front of 42,000 people. It's like taking a wire, stripping it, wrapping it around your neck and plugging it into the wall. Either your head pops, or you learn to love it." - Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, explaining what it feels like to be a rock 'n' roll icon.

"I got a note backstage from my high-school principal that said, 'I can't believe I'm shelling out money to hear the same kind of stuff I used to try to put a stop to!'" - Comedian Jeff Foxworthy, famous for his "redneck" jokes, books and comics, describing the "coolest thing" that ever happened to him on the road.

"Yeah, I have to stop drinking. It's fun. This is funny. I mean, it's not funny at all, it's profound. It's deep. But I want, you know, to see if I can do it. I think I can do it. Can you do it? Can we all do it?" - Courtney Love, after a Los Angeles judge barred her from taking nonprescription drugs, drinking alcohol or being in places that serve alcohol.

"I just felt like, if I hadn't written this thing, I wouldn't have had the chance to audition for the part. It would have been offered to eight other guys." - Zach Braff, explaining why he plays the lead in the new film Garden State, which he also wrote and directed.

"I want to be free to date other people." - Nick Carter, on his breakup with reality TV star Paris Hilton.

"He is trying to destroy my reputation, while using me and our daughter to get publicity and radio airplay for his artists. I am stunned that he is being so dirty about it." - Brandy, after music producer Robert Smith said he and Brandy were never wed, as she had claimed.

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