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 Charlize's role in John Kerry's rise to fame

    August 17 2004 at 08:20PM

Washington - Democratic presidential contender John Kerry has a soft spot for South African actress Charlize Theron but is adamant that second wife Teresa Heinz-Kerry changed his life, he has told GQ magazine.

The men's magazine questioned Kerry, who he thought was the sexiest actress of all time, and he replied: "I think Charlize Theron is pretty extraordinary ... Catherine Zeta Jones ... and Marilyn Monroe ... I thought she was funny. Complicated. And obviously very attractive, very beautiful."

But the 60-year-old Massachusetts senator saved his highest praise for his heiress wife in the interview released in the September edition of GQ.

He said being a bachelor senator in Washington after the breakup of his first marriage was not "good days".

"After my first marriage, I was like a lot of people who had a relationship that doesn't work - you want to make sure that the next one does. And you're a little gun-shy and apprehensive and nervous. And Teresa gave me a sense of confidence about relationships that filled that.

"I'm confident about a lot of things, but I'm not somebody who's blind to human frailty and to the need for humility. We all have our flaws. And Teresa, you know, gave me just a great sort of strong, clear commitment to who I am.

"So you know, she loved me. And I think that kind of love is very compelling."

Kerry said he liked the music of the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and Bob Dylan and named ice hockey star Wayne Gretzky, baseball legend Joe DiMaggio and cyclists Greg LeMond and Lance Armstrong among his sporting heroes.

His greatest sporting moment was scoring a hat-trick for Yale against Harvard in a soccer match. "I think I got down on my knees and hit the ground," he said.

Kerry also spoke about overcoming prostate cancer - he was operated on in 2002 a few months before announcing his presidential run.

"There's not much that scares me. So I'm not worried about things Ncertainly not dying, because too many of my friends did. So I think it empowers you to go out and tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may."

Of his feelings for President George Bush and his family's political dynasty, Kerry said: "I like Junior, but I like the senior Bush enormously. A very decent, thoughtful guy. And I have great respect for him." - Sapa-AFP

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