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Halle Berry: Catwoman return?
 Halle Berry: Catwoman return?

Sky News gossip guru Neil Sean delivers the latest showbiz news:          

:: Catwoman may have been panned by the critics, but feline star Halle Berry has suggested she might make a sequel.

The Oscar-winner told me: "I like the idea of having another shot at the role, as I really enjoyed making something my teen daughter can watch.          

"I hear that it's not been well received by some critics, but it's meant for a paying audience not just a bunch of hard-faced critics.          

"The response I'm getting online from young fans has been great, so who knows what the future holds for our feline friend."          

Over to you Warner Studios!          

:: Anastacia really has been Left Outside Alone.          

The rocker just can't get herself a US record deal - despite being American.          

Anastacia's sold more than a million records across Europe, but the star, who shot to fame on an MTV talent show, has been snubbed in her home country.          

The singer said: "Despite having two major albums on this side of the Atlantic there are still no plans to make me a priority in the US.          

"I'm a bit stunned by this, but I know my time will come."          

I can reveal that Anastacia is set to get a big helping hand to make her dream come true.She's about to land a theme tune for a US movie.

Anastacia: Fingers Crossed
Anastacia: Fingers Crossed


That way her record label will be forced to release the track, and she'll then become a star in the States as well.          

:: Things appear to be going wrong for Jordan.          

The model - real name Katie Price - achieved the highest book sales this year with her autobiography.          

But she still has a few problems - one of them being her ex-manager.          

The model decided to part company with her long-term manager after leaving the celebrity jungle earlier this year.          

The manager claims to have secured her a place on I'm A Celebrity as well as her book deal.          

Now she's made lots of money he's staking his claim to the tune of £150,000.          

Jordan said the reason she split from him was simple - she wanted a move into music and he had failed to land her that all-important record deal.          

This looks set to get even more interesting over the coming months.          

:: Catherine Zeta Jones wants Robbie Williams, and what this A-list star wants, she gets.

Neil Sean
Neil Sean


Catherine is all set to get back into the musical film arena when she starts filming the remake of the 1955 Marlon Brando classic Guys And Dolls.          

Her theatre background helped her win an Oscar for her dancing and singing in the hit movie Chicago.          

Catherine raved about Robbie after seeing his big screen movie debut Delovely, based on the life of Cole Porter.          

She said: "He's a unique talent that would be great for my movie.          

"I know of his star power in the UK and we should get him on board."          

Robbie's holding talks with Catherine next month.          

:: Madonna not only likes to sing about the glamour of Hollywood - she likes to look Hollywood too.          

Her sell-out concerts have seen the pop icon decked out in various diamonds and pearls, which are said to be worth more than £3m.          

We can reveal they're the stunners she wore in her Hollywood video.          

They used to belong to screen goddesses Mae West and Jean Harlow.

Johnny 'guitar' Depp
Johnny 'guitar' Depp

A source told me: "Madonna borrowed them for the video shoot but fell in love with them and had to buy them on the spot.          

The same jewels are used on stage, but in case you fancy a closer look remember they are under armed guard when not about Madonna's person!          

:: Can Hollywood star Johnny Depp save the dwindling career of tiresome rockers Oasis?          

Well that's what the twosome are hoping.          

They decided to pull the plug on their latest album after failing to get the right reaction when they premiered it at the Glastonbury Festival.          

But Noel and Liam have now perked up some of the production of the songs and the album's ready to go.          

But what fans won't know is that strumming on a few tracks is none other than Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp, who's a massive Oasis fan.          

This is not the first time he has lent a hand, as he also appeared on one track on their last album.          

Johnny's also keen to appear in their next video, as the boys hate making them.          

Think Justin Timberlake and Sir Elton John and you have the picture.          

:: Catch Neil revealing more showbiz exclusives every morning on Sky News.

Last Updated: 10:58 UK, Friday August 20, 2004
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