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Catherine Zeta-Jones teachs Dylan Welsh

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones has hired a private tutor to teach four-year-old son Dylan her native Welsh.

The stunning actress, who is married to Hollywood actor Michael Douglas, wants the youngster to be aware of his roots and is paying for teacher Lynn Watkins to fly from Wales to Bermuda to teach him.

The Oscar-winning star also wants one-year-old daughter Carys to learn the language, but is waiting until she is older before she takes the lessons.

A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "Catherine is very aware of her roots and wants both kids to know they're Welsh."

Although the superstar couple's made main home is on the exotic island of Bermuda, they have just finished renovating a 2millionGBP home near Swansea.

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The five-bedroom property will act as a base for the family when they are visiting Britain and yesterday (24.08.04) Catherine's mother, Pat, invited three fans inside for a cup of tea.

The nosey trio were snooping around the estate and, instead of being thrown out when they were found, Pat - who lives at the home with husband Dai - let them in and gave the stunned pensioners a guided tour.

Dr Vivienne Jenkins, who runs a business in a building next door, said: "They got past security guards by telling them they were interested in buying a property on the estate.

They headed straight for Catherine's house and had a good look round the outside. "As they were about to leave Pat suddenly appeared and let them in."

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Latest Stories
Catherine Zeta-Jones' bullet-proof windows

Catherine Zeta-Jones teachs Dylan Welsh

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