Zeta-Jones Stalker Declared Competent
September 8, 2004

Wearing jeans and a red shirt, Dawnette Knight had a casual demeanor as she strolled into the courtroom. The 33-year-old accused of making unfathomable death treats to Catherine Zeta-Jones was forced to undergo a psychiatric examination after she tried to take her own life in jail by reportedly overdosing on sleeping pills. Despite the suicide attempt, the judge ruled that Knight can go forward.

"Ms. Knight is competent to stand trial," stated Superior Court Judge John Shepard Wiley Jr. "She does understand the nature of the charges against her, she can work with lawyers in rational way, there’s no reason we cannot proceed."

As "CJ" reported, Knight allegedly made dozens of death threats against Zeta-Jones because of an infatuation she had with Michael Douglas. In July, both Douglas and Zeta-Jones testified in court about how the threats completely disrupted their lives, with the actress saying she felt like a ticking time bomb.

Dawnette's fiancé, Ronald Calvin, showed up in court Wednesday, and continues to defend her, calling the threatening letters and phone calls a harmless prank. "Dawnette, she’s very creative with her thoughts, and she just put it in print," Calvin insisted to us. "She got into the wrong circle. She could be a writer. She’s very creative."

But what Calvin calls creative is what prosecutors call creepy. Knight is accused of saying she would, "Slash Zeta-Jones’ throat like OJ did," "Slice her up and feed her to the dogs," and "Shred her to pieces like Sharon Tate," (a reference to the infamous Manson family murders).

So why does Calvin continue to support Dawnette? "I’m in love with her," he said. "That's simple."

Ironically, it was Knight's over-the-top aggressiveness that led Calvin to want to marry her. "This woman has been relentless in the pursuit of me," he told us. "I'm not an easy man to conquer, so to speak. I would like the world to know that Dawnette Knight is a very diligent woman that went overboard as a crazed fan, and she meant no harm."

Knight and her defense team will have the chance to make that point to the judge when her preliminary hearing resumes on Thursday.


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