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Zeta Jones' stalker declared sane:

[World News] London, Sept 9: Welsh Beauty Catherine Zeta-Jones traumatised for being endlessly stalked, can now breath a sigh of relief as the judge hearing the criminal case against her alleged stalker has ruled her fit for trial.

According to Eonline, the Los Angeles Superior Court Judge John Shepard Wiley Jr. stated that following the verdict of a court- appointed psychiatrist who had established Dawnette Knight's sanity, it has been decided that she was liable to be hauled up for the charges levelled against her.

Charges on Knight had earlier been dropped upon assertions by her counsel Richard Herman that she was insane and therefore unable to comprehend the charges levelled against her.

However, with her sanity now having been proved, she is liable to be prosecuted on 24 charges of stalking and making criminal threats against Zones, that could send her for several years behind the bars.

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