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Satanic threats to Catherine Zeta-Jones
01:36 2004-09-10
The woman accused of making death threats against actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has been declared mentally competent to continue criminal proceedings.

A hearing to determine whether there was enough evidence to send Dawnette Knight, 33, to trial on stalking charges was postponed in July after Knight took a barbiturate overdose in jail.

The judge ruled that Knight should be assessed by a psychiatrist, who concluded that she understood the charges against her and could assist in her own defence.

Knight faces 24 counts of stalking Zeta-Jones through threatening phone calls and letters over an 18-month period, informs ABC News.

A day before Knight overdosed on barbiturates, in July, Chicago star Zeta-Jones appeared before the court to tell of Knight-s alleged reign of terror.

She said she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown as a result of the "satanic" threats. "I-ve never in my life had anything or had anyone say anything to me so satanic," said Zeta-Jones, 34, in the pre-trial hearing. "This will affect me for the rest of my life."

One of the letters threatened to have Zeta-Jones "shredded to pieces" and another vowed to cut her up "like meat on a bone and feed her to the dogs". Another letter included an invitation to Zeta-Jones-s funeral. Others referred to the violent deaths of President John F Kennedy and OJ Simpson-s wife Nicole Brown Simpson.

It is alleged that Knight made the threats over an 18-month period because she was obsessed with Zeta-Jones-s 59-year-old film star husband. Knight, who is in custody on 550,000 bail, is engaged and wants to be a child psychologist. She has already apologised for making the threats, says the Scotsman.

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Satanic threats to Catherine Zeta-Jones

The woman accused of making death threats against actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has been declared mentally competent to continue criminal proceedings More details...

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Australian Prime Minister John Howard has said his country will not be intimidated by terrorism, after a bomb at the Australian embassy in Indonesia More details...

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First TV Channel reported that the female terrorist dressed as a nurse and tried to enter the hospital in Beslan to trigger an explosive device there. However, she could no go into the hospital as there was a big police patrol there. More details...

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All the hostages have been taken out of the gym in Beslan, reported Interfax. Military officers said in an Interfax interview that "bringing vehicles to the school is impossible as mines had been planted across all the area near the school". More details...

Terrorists started killing the schoolchildren before special force-s attack

In Beslan special force units are searching the school building. RBC reported on shooting in school. Probably, one terrorists is hiding there. More details...

Minimum 150 hostages have been killed

150 hostages from town Beslan in North Ossetia could be killed. An anonymous source from law-enforcement untis said to that minimum 150 hostages could be killed. The special sevices do not possess exact figures yet. There has been information on finding dead bodies in the school gym. More details...

Special forces blew up part of school gym ceiling

Special force units entered the building of the school in Beslan seized by the terrorist. To do this, they exploded a part of the gym ceiling. More details...

26 hostages were released in North Ossetia

The United States Thursday reiterated its "absolutely firm" condemnation of the hostage-taking in Russia's North Ossetia region despite its past support for a political solution More details...

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