SEPT 16, 2004 THU


'I think you're the sexiest man alive'

LOS ANGELES - Police searching the home of a woman accused of stalking Catherine Zeta-Jones found calling card account numbers, which they suspect were linked to threatening phonecalls made to the actress.

The calls were made to an Amsterdam hotel where Zeta-Jones stayed while filming Ocean's Twelve, a court heard on Thursday.


In the Beverly Hills' home of Dawnette Knight, 33, police also found a book autographed by Zeta-Jones and her husband, actor Michael Douglas. It was a copy of an autobiography by Douglas' father, Kirk.

A letter Knight allegedly wrote to Michael Douglas was read in court. It said: 'I think you're the sexiest man alive... Call me, I'd love to show you a good time.'

Knight faces charges of stalking and making threats. The charges involve 19 letters that describe harm to Zeta-Jones. One letter said: 'We are going to slice her up like meat on a bone and feed her to the dogs.' -- AP/Reuters


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