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A planned movie version of epic Texas oil barons' TV soap Dallas could star both ageless hunk Brad Pitt and the ever-glam Catherine Zeta Jones.

The mooted flick will be very much in the current tradition of Eighties telly favourites being rehashed, sorry, remade, for the big screen.

And showbiz scribes are hinting that the biggest stars in the business are being courted for the main roles.

Pitt is up for either the plum JR or Bobby Ewing role, according to reports.

Meanwhile, Jones does indeed seem perfect for the Pamela Ewing part, originally played by the lovely Victoria Principal.

World Movie Magazine says Melanie Griffith is tipped to play JR's put-upon missus, Sue Ellen, while "other Hollywood contenders" for top parts "include John Travolta, Mel Gibson, George Clooney and Matt Damon".

JR's foe-in-chief Cliff Barnes was always the most intriguing character, for our money.

Anyone got a contact for Harvey Keitel?

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