Stalker's FiancÚ Claims Affair With Douglas
September 29, 2004

The accused stalker of Catherine Zeta-Jones, Dawnette Knight, was arraigned in a Los Angeles court Wednesday, while outside, her fiancé, Ronald Calvin, insisted Knight had had a close relationship with Douglas.

Looking perhaps more ready for the clubs than court, Knight wore street clothes, and pleaded not guilty to threatening and stalking Zeta-Jones. At times, Knight seemed more concerned with the camera than her actual arraignment, looking directly at the lens at one point, and smirking. The real drama, however, occurred outside, as Knight's fiancé made a stunning claim to the media "I will tell you Dawnette Knight did have an affair with Michael Douglas," Ronald Calvin stated. "And it will come out."

Calvin said that this helps explain why Knight had an unhealthy infatuation with Douglas, which led her to send threatening letters to Zeta-Jones. According to Calvin, Knight, "Met Michael Douglas at a party in South Beach, Florida, in January of 2002. Lennox Lewis was present, and it escalated into an intimate affair."

Representatives for Douglas adamantly deny any such relationship, while insiders tell "CJ" that Knight's own testimony squarely contradicts that she even knew the actor.

Calvin declined to give specifics, other than to say Dawnette told him so -- which he admitted had a bruising effect on his ego. "When I first met Dawnette Knight, in Malibu last year, she told me she as a virgin," Calvin said. "So, for this to come out, she knew it was going to devastate me. And that's why she suffered in jail and held her tongue."

Both the police and the prosecution say they're not fazed by Calvin's comments. After all, Knight made a jailhouse confession in which she admitted writing Zeta-Jones the threatening letters.

Knight remains in custody on a million dollars bail -- an amount that her attorney, Dick Herman wants lowered. "I'd like her to be released on her own recognizance at this point," Herman said in a press conference on Wednesday. "She's been in long enough. We all know that she's no threat to anyone."

If convicted on all 25 charges against her, Knight could be sentenced to serve up to 19 years in prison. Her trial is set to begin on November 10th.


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