Zeta-Jones' stalker pleads innocent
Sep 30, 2004

A Californian woman has pleaded not guilty to charges she threatened Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Dawnette Knight, 33, pleaded not guilty to a charge of stalking and 24 more of making criminal threats.

"We all know that she is no threat to anyone," Knight's lawyer Richard Herman says.
"We have gone much too far with something that is greatly overblown," he says.

Zeta-Jones, who is married to actor Michael Douglas, testified on July 28 that she had received letters saying she would die like OJ Simpson's former wife, former president John Kennedy or actress Sharon Tate, killed by the so-called Manson family.

Knight will have a bail hearing on Monday.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David Mintz set a trial date for November 10.

Herman asked for Knight to be released on her own recognisance, saying, "She's been in (jail) long enough."

"It's real hard to live in (Los Angeles) and stalk somebody who lives in Bermuda," he says. The charge "doesn't make any sense at all".

Douglas says the threats "shocked, scared and stunned" him.

Knight asked Zeta-Jones's father-in-law, actor Kirk Douglas, for forgiveness and sought to "apologise for any distress I have caused you and your families".

"I have never done anyone any harm and would never harm anyone. I was a confused young woman infatuated with Michael Douglas and have no rational explanation for my actions," she wrote.