05/10/2004 10:21  - (SA)  

Stalker pre-trial on TV

Zeta-Jones stalker pleads
Stalker saga continues
Star's stalker fit for trial
Stalker's head examined
Star has 'blood on her hands'
Death threats haunt actress

Los Angeles - A judge on Monday agreed to allow television cameras at pre-trial hearings for a woman accused of stalking actress Catherine Zeta-Jones - except for when witnesses are testifying.

Lawyers for Zeta-Jones had asked the court to bar cameras to avoid tainting the jury pool and to discourage copycat crimes.

Judge David Mintz has not yet ruled on a request by the Sheriff's Department to bar cameras from the November 10 trial because witnesses include undercover detectives.

Dawnette Knight, 33, is charged with one count of stalking and 24 counts of sending threatening letters to actor Michael Douglas, Zeta-Jones' husband.

One letter reads: "We are going to slice her up like meat on a bone and feed her to the dogs."

Prosecutors claim she sent 19 such letters and threatened the actress over the phone when Zeta-Jones was filming the movie Ocean's Twelve in Amsterdam.

Knight, who was arrested on June 3, allegedly apologised in another letter, claiming she had been in love with Douglas.

Knight, who appeared in court wearing a black suit, is being held on $1m bail.


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